Trouble Vocab

  1. temporize
    to postpone a decision
  2. contingency
    uncertainty, possibility
  3. posit
    presume, postulate
  4. complacent
    self-satisfied, pleased
  5. complaisant
    showing a desire or willingness to please
  6. equanimity
    composure, sangfroid
  7. immanent
  8. imminent
    impending, approaching
  9. dictum
    formal pronouncement
  10. abeyance
    suspension, condition of being temporarily set aside
  11. obeisance
    attitude of deference, honor, loyalty
  12. descrete
    seperate, unique, distinct
  13. descreet
    modest, prudent, judicious
  14. preempt
    to seize, take, occupy
  15. abjure
    to denounce under oath
  16. exigency
    emergency, imperitive, urgent
  17. adjudicate
    to judge, determine, referee
  18. emolument
    payment, compensation, fee
  19. refulgent
    shining, lucent, luminous
  20. pontificate
  21. abtruse
    difficult, complex, obscure
  22. extripation
    annihilation, eradication, extermination
  23. asperity
    severity, curtness
  24. pusillanimous
    cowardly, timid
  25. iconoclast
    destroyer of religion
  26. foist
    pass off as genuine, dupe, trick
  27. incursion
  28. complicity
    share in responsibility, act as accomplice
  29. desuetude
    a state of disuse, antiquated
  30. specious
  31. impecunious
    poor, lacking
  32. indignant
    angry, resentful
  33. indignent
    poor, lacking
  34. interdict
    veto, injunction, embargo
  35. disinter
    dig up, uncover, expose
  36. tenet
    credo, belief, theory
  37. opprobrium
    a state of shame, disgrase, ignominy
  38. venal
    corruptible, open to bribery
  39. venial
    easily excused, forgivable
  40. obsequious
    willing compliance, servile
  41. puissant
    power, might, strength
  42. obsequies
    funeral rights
  43. poignant
    emotionally painful
  44. morass
  45. apposite
  46. chary
    wary, skiddish, suspicious
  47. demur
    object, protest, balk
  48. demure
    shy, modest, reserved
  49. plenary
    ample, full
  50. sacrosanct
    holy, sacred
  51. niggling
    negligible, petty, trifling
  52. surfeit
    surplus, plenary
  53. meliorate
    improve, modernize, restructure
  54. paucity
    poor, penniless
  55. dilatory
    slow, tardy
  56. accede
    agree, assent
  57. disparage
  58. adumbrate
    to hint, imply
  59. incipient
    budding, initial, develolping
  60. egress
    to exit
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