Important Events, Documents, Treaties, etc.

  1. Magna Carta
    Limited the power of the king
  2. Jamestown
    First permanent English settlement
  3. Establishment of House of Burgesses
    First representative assembly in America.
  4. Plymouth
    First English colony in the Northeast
  5. Mayflower Compact
    Rules est. by the Pilgrims for how to organize self-gov't at Plymouth.
  6. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
    1st writtencConstitution
  7. Navigation Acts
    Series of laws passed by England to regulate colonists' trade, so England would make money.
  8. Great Awakening
    Religious movement in the colonies.
  9. French & Indian War
    Removes French from N. America; beginning of problems between England and the colonies.
  10. Treaty of Paris
    Officially ended Franch & Indian War
  11. Proclamation of 1783
    Colonists forbidden by England to settle west of tthe Appalachian Mts.
  12. Sugar Act
    Tax on Molasses. One of many events angering colonists, which led to American Revolution.
  13. Stamp Act
    Tax on legal documents, newspapers, licenses, diplomas, dice, playing cards. Also led to American revolution.
  14. Quartering Act
    British soldiers could stay in colonists' homes; angered colonists.
  15. Townshend Acts
    Taxed goods such as glass, paper, silk, lead, and tes; angered colonists.
  16. Boston Massacre
    First civilians killed by British soldiers.
  17. Boston Tea Party
    Key symbolic act of rebellion.
  18. Tea Act
    Led to Boston Tea Party.
  19. Intolerable Acts
    Britain punishes acts severely for the Boston Tea Party.
  20. First Continental Congress
    First organizing of 13 colonies.
  21. Shot Heard Around the World
    Lexington/Concord -- Beginning of American Rev.
  22. Olive Branch Petition
    Colonists declare loyalty to King George III, but ask him to cancel Intolerable Acts.
  23. Declaration of Independence
    Colonies separate from England "When in the course of human events..." also , "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."
  24. Articles of Confederation
    1st American Constitution; states had too much power.
  25. Revolutionary War ends
    Battle of Yorktown -- concludes Revolutionary War.
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Important Events, Documents, Treaties, etc.
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