Chpt 11 sect 4

  1. How was gold discovered in CA?
    -James Marshall was sent to built a sawmill for John Sutter and glanced at the ground and saw a gold nugget (1848)
  2. What were the routes to get to CA? (3)
    • -Sail around S. America
    • -Sail to Panama/cross jungle/sail to CA
    • -Cross N. America overland
  3. What were most gold miners like?
    -young unmarried men that came from around the world to find gold
  4. When did the Gold Rush end?
  5. What were the results of the CA Gold Rush? (4)
    -CA's white population rose rapidly in 1850, CA became a state which led to sectional problems in Senate

    • -CA became an economic center for U.S. in West
    • -San Francisco became a major U.S. city

    -Native Americans lost lands; were enslaved; died of diseases; were hunted and killed by whties

    -Californios lost land, wealth, economic and political power
  6. Why was the Gadsden Purchase important?
    -land was needed for transcontinental railroad to connect CA to rest of U.S.
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Chpt 11 sect 4
Chpt 11 sect 4