chapter 11 Section 3

  1. Why did the United States need to expand?
    -b/c they were running out of land for farms, families, businesses, etc.
  2. What was Manifest Destiny? (2)
    • -obvious fate for U.S.
    • -wish of Providence (God)
  3. What was the goal of Manifest Destiny?
    -to spread liberty and self government
  4. Who was the Whigs pres. candidate in the election of 1844?
    Henry Clay
  5. Who was the Democrats pres. candidate in the election of 1844?
    James K. Polk
  6. What was the meaning of "Fifty-Four Forty or Fight"?
    -a promise to all Americans to gain all of Oregon Territory for U.S.
  7. What did the Buchanon-Packemham Treaty do?
    • -between U.S. and GB
    • -extended 49th parallel as U.S./Canada border to pacific ocean giving the U.S. the southern part of the OR Territory
  8. What were the causes of problems with Mexico that led to war?
    • -southern border of Texas dispute
    • -annexation of Texas
  9. -offered Mexico $30 million for NM, CA, and TX
    John Slidell
  10. Why did the American people overall support the war?
    -b/c they favored expansion
  11. -lead U.S. troops west from KS through Mex. Territory
    -captured Santa Fe
    -continued West and captued CA with help from:
    -U.S. Navy
    -Bear Flag Revolt
    Stephen Kearney
  12. -led the Bear Flag Revolt
    John C. Fremont
  13. What was the importance of the Bear Flag Revolt?
    -ended Mexican control of CA and put U.S. in control of northern parts of Mexican Territory
  14. -crossed Rio Grande and led U.S. troops south into Mexican Territory in the Battle of Buena Vista
    Zachary Taylor
  15. -Feb. 1847 where U.S. troops defeated Mexican Army led by Santa Anna
    Battle of Buena Vista
  16. What was the outcome of the Battle of Buena Vista?
    -put U.S. in control of central Mexico
  17. -led U.S. troops across Gulf of Mexico and landed at Vera Cruz
    -marched inland and captured Mexico City in Sept. 1847
    Winfield Scott
  18. -spanish colonists and their descendants living in CA
  19. What did the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo state? (4)
    • -Texas was recognized as part of U.S. with Rio Grande as southern border
    • -Mexican Cession
    • -U.S. paid $18 million ($15 mil. to Mex. for land and $3 mil. to Amer. citizens for reparations)
    • -U.S. promised to protect rights of former Mexican citizens now living in U.S.
  20. -purchase from Mexico of the southern parts of present-day New Mexico and Arizona in 1853
    Gadsden Purchase
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chapter 11 Section 3
chapter 11 Section 3