1. Binuclear Family System
    A system comprised of two active and involved parents and two separate households.
  2. Boundary Ambiguity
    Confusion about who is in the family and who is not.
  3. Child Custody
    The legal parameters of each parent's relationship with the children that are established following divorce.
  4. Coparenting Relationship
    The termination of the spousal role combined with the maintenance of the parental role and the sharing of responsibilities for one's children.
  5. Divorce
    The legal termination of a marriage.
  6. Divorce Mediation
    A negotiation process designed to minimize divorcing couples' conflicts over personal, economic, or child-related differences by concretely examining their options in a goal-focused and task-oriented manner, and making constructive decisions before appearing in court.
  7. Family Reorganization
    The fourth and final transition of the divorce process, during which the family clarifies its new internal and external boundaries, redefines its identity stablizes its emotional environment, and reestablishes strategies for managing the newly created household.
  8. Individual Cognition
    The first transition of the divorce process, which begins when a spouse first realizes that he or she is feeling dissatisfied or disstressed in the marriage.
  9. Joint Custody
    When both parents continue to be parents to all of their children despite a divorce.
  10. Marital Distress
    When one or both partners in a marriage-like relationship believe that the relationship suffers from serious, long-standing problems that threaten the stability of the relationship.
  11. Separation
    The third transition of the divorce process, which occurs when one spouse moves out of the home.
  12. Sole Custody
    When one parent assumes complete responsibility for child care with the other parent generally receiving visitation rights and, in many instances, responsibility for child support.
  13. Split Custody
    When one parent has legal and physical custody of one or more children, and the other parent has legal and physical custody of one or more other children.
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