American Art Of The Early 20th Century

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    • Weston, Two Shells
    • American Modernism

    • invites free association. shells become more than shells as a result of the suggestive metaphorical character of their forms. natural shapes into associative abstraction.
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    • Van Der Zee, Portrait of Couple, Man with Walking Stick
    • Harlem Renaissance

    • seems self conciously well dressed. urban style slightly at odds with the scenery. attire is 1920s the height of the harlem renaissance. poses convey a sense of self assurance.
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    • Dove, Fog Horns
    • American Modernism

    • uses circular biomorphic forms to suggest sound waves travelling through space. correspond to opennings of horns with temporal distance. pastel and foggy colors have a mysterious and poetic quality.
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    Calder, Big Red

    challenge the traditional view of sculpture. playful quality and the chance nature act of air are reminicent of dada and surrealism.
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    • Wood, American Gothic
    • Regionalism

    refelects the interest in provincial america and their isolation from the european avant-garde. attention to detail and linear quality reflects back to flemish. subjects are the painters sister and dentist.
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    • O'Keefe, Black and White
    • American Modernism

    abstract depiction of various textures motion and form without any reference to recognizable objects. eliminates color makes use of tonal range that is available to black and white photographer.

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    • Lange, Migratory Cotton Picker
    • Social Realism

    • ennobles the poor and working class. evoking sympathy for and identification with her subjects.
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    Kahlo, Marxism Will Give Health to the Sick
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    • Stieglitz, Equivelent
    • American Modernism

    • cloud formations create various moods and textures. used straight photography.
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    • Lawrence, Harriet Tubman Series No. 7
    • Harlem Renaissanc

    • dealt with racial inequality and social injustice. flattened planes and abrupt foreshortening. single minded concentration at the task at hand engages the viewer directly in her activity. geometric abstraction of certain forms contrasts with three dimentional forms to produce shifts in tension. formal instability that is stabilized psychologically by tubmans evident determination.
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    • Rivera, Ancient Mexico
    • Mexican Mural Movement

    • spanish conquerers fight the native population who preform ancient ceremonies at the right. serpent god on either side of the sun. seated figure represents lenin leaving no doubt about riveras political message. historical imperative with contemporary issues. cubist forms.
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