Death, Loss, and Bereavement

  1. Anniversary Reaction
    An emotional reliving of a person's death each year around the time that the death occurred.
  2. Emotional Shock Wave
    The emotional response to a death felt throughout the family system, producing stress and altering relationships even among family members emotionally removed from the deceased.
  3. Healing Theory
    A cognitive understanding of a death that helps the family to accept the pain of the loss and makes it possible for the family to evolve a new perspective that reestablishes a positive sense of control, fairness, and trust in the future.
  4. Replacement Role
    When a child is conceived to take the place of a deceased family member, or when a surviving child is affirmed for traits that remind parents of a deceased child.
  5. Unrecognized or Unsanctioned Grief
    Grief that exists even though society does not recognize one's need, right, or capacity to grieve.
  6. Widowhood
    A role transition brough on by the death of a spouse.
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Death, Loss, and Bereavement
Death, Loss, and Bereavement