Chapter 11 Section 2

  1. Why did Mexico encourage settlement in TX?
    -emcouraged settlement to help protect land and Tejano people from Indian attacks
  2. -agents who recruited settlers for TX
  3. Who started the American colony in 1822?
    Stephen Austin
  4. What were the guidelines of Austins' American Colony? (3)
    -Moral behavior

    -Hard work

    -No alcohol
  5. Why did settlers want to come to TX? (2)
    -had rich soil, grassy plains, rivers for shipping goods and woodlands

    -a place for Americans to escape the law
  6. What did the Mexican Government require American settlers to do? (4)
    -Follow Mexican laws

    -Not own slaves

    -Become Mexican citizens

    -Become Catholic
  7. What conflicts did the American settlers have with the Mexican Government? (5)
    • -Brought slaves
    • -Didn't convert to Catholic faith
    • -Didn't obey Mexican laws
    • -Didn't learn Spanish
    • -Didn't respect Mexican culture
  8. How did the Mexican Government respond the American settlers disobeying? (4)
    • -Banned further American settlement in TX
    • -sent "soldiers" to TX to enforce laws
    • -Suspended Mexico's Republican Constitution
    • -Forced Texans to pay taxes
  9. Why did Santa Anna jail Stephen Austin?
    -b/c he asked for Texas' independence and Santa Anna saw this as a rebellion
  10. -president of newly independent Texas
    David Burnet
  11. -Vice President of newly independent Texas
    Lorenzo de Zavala
  12. -led Army at Goliad
    James Fanin
  13. -led Army at Alamo
    William Travis
  14. -attacked by Santa Anna and Mexican Army
    -fell on 13th day
    -0 Texans survived in the end
    Battle at the Alamo
  15. -captured by Mexican Army after Alamo
    -Santa Anna captured/executed 350 TX soldiers
    Battle at Goliad
  16. -led Army at San Jacinto where they defeated the Mexican Army
    Sam Houston
  17. What was the nickname of the Republic of Texas?
    "Lonestar Republic"
  18. Who was the President of the Republic of Texas?
    Sam Houston
  19. Why did Jackson not want to annex Texas? (2)
    • -Texas would be a slave state (unbalanced Senate)
    • -Would lead to War with Mexico
  20. How did Texas gain settlers to increase population?
    -offered land grants to settlers
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Chapter 11 Section 2
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