The Parent-Child Relationship System

  1. Abuse
    The nonaccidental injury of a child by a parent or the responsible caretaker.
  2. Authoritarian Parenting
    A style of parenting that attempts to shape, control, and evaluate the child's attitudes and behaviors according to a preestablished and fixed set of standards. Authoritarian parents value abedience to their and tend to favor the use of punitive, forceful disciplinary method.
  3. Authoritative Parenting
    A style of parenting that is nurturing and relies primarily on positive reinforcement rather than punishment to control the child. Direct control over the child is achieved in a manner that displays awareness of the child's thoughts, feelings, and developmental capabilities. In addition to being loving as well as controlling, authoritative parents tend to demand mature, responsible, and independent behavior from their children.
  4. Indulgent Parenting
    A style of parenting that exerts little or no control over the child's behavior. Children are given a great deal of personal freedom and few restrictions.
  5. Neglect
    The harming of a child through the lack of either proper care or adequate supervision.
  6. Parental Responsiveness
    A dimension of parenting style (also referred to as "parental warmth" or "supportiveness"). This refers to the extent to which parents intentionally foster individuality, self-regulation, and self-assertion by being attuned, supportive, and acquiescent to children's special needs and demands.
  7. Parental Demandingness
    A dimension of parenting styles (also referred to as behavioral control"). This refers to the expectations parents have for their children to become integrated into the family whole, by their maturity demands, supervision, disciplinary efforts, and willingness to confront children who disobey.
  8. Psychological Control
    Refers to a parenting strategy characterized by attempts on the part of the parent to control the child by intruding into the psychological and emotional development of the child through use of practices such as guilt induction, withdrawal of love, or shaming.
  9. Uninvolved Parenting
    A style of parenting that is characterized by neglect and permissiveness. Children are given no clearly defined rules for behavior and receive little or no attention.
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The Parent-Child Relationship System
The Parent-Child Relationship System