Developing HR Plan

  1. What are Inputs to Developing HR Plan?
    • Activity Resource Requirements
    • Enterprise Environmental Factors
    • Organizational Process Assests
  2. Give examples of Enterprise Environmental Factors as inputs to HR Plan.
    • existing HR policies,
    • existing personell administration policies,
    • marketplace conditions,
    • organizational structure and culture
  3. What are Organizational Process Assets as inputs to HR planning?
    • processes and policies,
    • lessons learned,
    • tools developed in past projects
  4. What are Tools and Techniques to HR Planning?
    • Organizational Charts and positions describtions,
    • Networking,
    • Organizational Theory
  5. What are three types of Organizational Charts?
    • Hierarchical type
    • Matrix based - RAM type: Responsibility Assignment Matrix,
    • Matrix based - RACIE chart: who is Responsible, who is Accountable, who to Consult, who to Inform
  6. What headings does a text-based position describtion
    document contian?
    • position titles,
    • competencies,
    • qualifications,
    • responsibilities,
    • authority
  7. HR Manamgement plan is the only Output from HR planning. What are its three key components?
    • Roles and Responsibilities,
    • Project Organizational Charts
    • Staffing Management Plan
  8. What components does Staffing Management Plan have?
    • Staff acquisition strategies,
    • Staff release plan,
    • Resource Callendar,
    • Training needs (and training plan if needed),
    • Recognitiona and Rewards,
    • Compliance,
    • Safety Management Strategies
  9. What information does Resource Callendar have?
    • when Resource join the project,
    • when R. leave the project,
    • when acquisition start,
    • hours needed for specific role
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