1. the Restoration
    the return of Charles II to the English monarch
  2. comedy of manners
    a play that mocks the pertentiousness of the upper class
  3. proscenium doors
    allowed for entrances/exits in front of the proscenium arch
  4. the drame
    18th century form of French drama
  5. "sturm und drang"
    "storm and stress"
  6. act drop
    curtains used to indicate beginning & end of act
  7. box set
    Italian; onstage "room" made up of three walls
  8. mise en scene
    French term for "spectacle"
  9. presentational style
    performance style that acknowledges the audience
  10. representational style
    performance style that ignores the audience
  11. David Garrick
    English actor/director; banned the audience from the stage
  12. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    German forerunner of the modern director
  13. romanticism
    19th century form of German drama
  14. melodrama
    "song" or "music" drama
  15. exposition
    background information revealed in the start of a play
  16. obligatory scene
    the "showdown" between the hero and the villain
  17. repertory company
    a troupe of actors performing a rotation of plays
  18. Edwin Booth
    first "star" of the American stage
  19. Richard Wagner
    German director; first to dim the house lights
  20. George II
    German director; known for intricate crowd scenes
  21. the six elements of composition
    line, shape, measure, position, color and texture
  22. three nineteenth innovations in scene shifting
    elevator stage, revolving stage, fly system
  23. the seating arrangement that replaced pit-box-gallery seating in 1876
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