Bobby's Random Notes XXXII

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  1. This man succeeded Fernando Cardoso as president
    Lula da Silva
  2. This politician shut down the Democracy Wall
    Deng Xiaoping
  3. La Trinitaria was a faction in this country
    Dominican Republic
  4. The Mirabal Sisters fought for independence in this country
    Dominican Republic
  5. Who is the current Secretary of Labor?
    Hilda Solis
  6. Fernando Lopez was the vice president of this Philippines president
    Ferdinand Marcos
  7. This thinker wrote Three Philosophical Poets
    George Santayana
  8. This pharaoh fought against the Sherden Pirates
    Rameses II
  9. This Roman led the Palmyra Revolt
  10. Yongle moved the Ming capital to this city
  11. The Bismarck Sea was sunk in this battle
    Battle of Iwo Jima
  12. This thinker gave the Gifford Lectures
    William James
  13. This thinker wrote about running from a bear
    William James
  14. This explorer surveyed the Columbia River with Fitzpatrick
    John C Fremont
  15. This king created the Potsdam Giants, an army of huge guys
    Frederick William
  16. The Battle of Isandlwana occurred during this war
    Zulu War
  17. Manzanar, Tule Lake, and Heart Mountain were sites of this action
    Japanese Internment
  18. Queen Tomrys dipped this ruler's head in blood
    Cyrus the Great
  19. The Premysl dynasty helped lead this region
  20. This government led the Vel d'Hiv Raid
    Vichy France
  21. This president gave the Winona Speech and was blaster afterward by Progressives
    William H Taft
  22. This general planned and executed Operation Cartwheel
    Douglas MacArthur
  23. This war was interrupted by the Twelve Years Truce
    80 Years War
  24. The Tenth Penny Tax helped to begin this war
    80 Years War
  25. This king was captured by the Baibars
    Louis IX
  26. This king established the Doom Book
    Alfred the Great
  27. The Little War and the Ten Years War both occurred in this country
  28. The Battle of Dos Rios gave this country independence
  29. The Tarapaca Province was the subject of this war
    War of the Pacific
  30. This civilization founded San Lorenzo
  31. This PM had a political rivalry with Charles Fox
    William Pitt the Younger
  32. This PM dealt with the United Irishmen Rebellion
    William Pitt the Younger
  33. The Logan Act was prompted by this conflict
    Quasi War
  34. The Treaty of Mortefontaine ended this conflict
    Quasi War
  35. Frances Willard and Francis Ashbury were members of this religion
  36. This Mughal leader defeated Ibrahim Lodi at the Battle of Panipat
  37. This man wrote How the Other Half Lives
    Jacob Riis
  38. This admiral signed the Treaty of Kanagawa with Japan
    Matthew Perry
  39. This politician had an affair with Carrie Butler
    Strom Thurmond
  40. Communist Peak is in this country
  41. This dynasty dissolved with the foundation of the Sunga Dynasty
    Mauryan Dynasty
  42. This commander won the Battle of Najera
    Edward the Black Prince
  43. This man was Harry Truman's Secretary of State
    Dean Acheson
  44. Berengaria was the wife of this king
    Richard the Lionheart
  45. This senator condemned the proceedings of the Nuremberg Trials
    Robert Taft
  46. The Battle of Ayacucho led to the independence of this country
  47. The Battle of Junin led to the independence of this country
  48. This man refused to be PM after the Bedchamber Crisis
    Robert Peel
  49. This man was Premier of the USSR from 1955-58
    Nikolai Bulganin
  50. This man was the Governor of NY in the 1960s
    Nelson Rockefeller
  51. This group of vigilantes fought Indians in the Ohio Valley during the French and Indian War
    Paxton Boys
  52. The Spear of the Nation was the military wing of this political party
  53. This ruler's mother was Philippa of Lancaster
    Henry the Navigator
  54. This British ship was burned south of Rhode Island
  55. This politician was labeled an "egghead"
    Adlai E Stevenson
  56. This ruler's bitter rival was Charles of Lorraine
    Hugh Capet
  57. This ruler signed the Treaty of Dover
    Charles II
  58. The Susan Constant was a ship that brought people to this colony
  59. This dynasty was supplanted by the Saadi Dynasty
  60. This leader organized Operation Zamora
    Hugo Chavez
  61. This ruler's rival was Charles Andres Perez
    Hugo Chavez
  62. This man wrote the so-called "Prison Letters"
    Thomas More
  63. This politician beat Edmund Muskie in the Democratic Primary
    George McGovern
  64. A Pegasus was nominated in this election
    1968 Democratic National Convention
  65. This thinker wrote On Certainty
    Ludwig Wittgentsein
  66. The Chaseabout Raid was directed at this monarch
    Mary, Queen of Scots
  67. This leader led the Popular Unity Party
    Salvador Allende
  68. Janos Kadar succeeded this man as President of Hungary
    Imre Nagy
  69. Leonid Kravchuk was the first president of this country
  70. This man was the vice president under Martin van Buren
    Richard Mentor Johnson
  71. This guy who started a Supreme Court case was a shoemaker
    Homer Plessy
  72. The Urgellites were leaders of this principality
  73. This president's memoir was called Crusade In Europe
    Dwight D Eisenhower
  74. This thinker wrote Existentialism Is A Humanism
    Jean Paul Sartre
  75. This president published Why Not The Best?
    Jimmy Carter
  76. The Alfold is a major region in this country
  77. The Tisza River flows through this country
  78. This man posted Frederick Douglass' bail
    Horace Greeley
  79. This explorer's ships were captained by the Pinzon Brothers and Martin Alonso
    Christopher Columbus
  80. Spirit Lake is a "lake" on this mountain
    Mount St Helens
  81. Carrie Philips was this president's mistress
    Warren G Harding
  82. This city lies on the Yodo River
  83. This country's largest gulf contains Puna Island
  84. This religion upholds the Eight Immortals
  85. This river is formed by the confluence of the Tugaloo and Seneca Rivers
    Savannah River
  86. Lake Hartwell is a reserve in this river
    Savannah River
  87. This man was the father of Knute
    Sweyn Forkbeard
  88. The Polish Glacier can be traversed to summit this mountain
    Mount Aconcagua
  89. This city is the second-most populous city in Mexico
  90. Statilia Messalina was the third wife of this emperor
  91. This city was built to protect the Santa Fe Trail
    Dodge City
  92. Leser v Garnett decided that this amendment was constitutional
    Nineteenth Amendment
  93. This mountain's name in Italian is Monte Cervino
  94. The Hempstead Plains are in the center of this island
    Long Island
  95. The iftar, or fasting, is the main action of this holiday
  96. Harold MacMillan was a member of this party
    Conservative Party
  97. Mount Pleasant is a neighborhood of this city
  98. This general was named the youngest-ever Master of the Sword
    George S Patton
  99. Hausa is a major dialect in this country
  100. Lake Lanier is a major lake on this river
    Chattahoochee River
  101. This leader worked with Fridtjof Nansen
    Vidkun Quisling
  102. This pope succeeded John XXIII
    Paul VI
  103. The Buffalo River flows through this state
  104. This Greek thinker defaced coins
  105. This admiral was killed while inspecting positions on the Solomon Islands
    Admiral Yamamoto
  106. The Gang of Eight deposed this Soviet premier
    Mikhail Gorbachev
  107. Raila Odinga is the prime minister of this country
  108. Mwai Kibaki is the president of this country
  109. Robert Borden was the PM of this country
  110. This man's wife was related to John Wilkes Booth
    John Brown
  111. This leader led the Judicialist Party
    Juan Peron
  112. Denpasar is the capital of this island
  113. Mount Agung is on this island
  114. Dr Frederick Cook summitted this mountain
    Mount McKinley
  115. The Counting of the Omer takes place during this holiday
  116. This explorer started the Tiguex War
    Francisco Coronado
  117. This future Supreme Court justice was John Adams' Secretary of State
    John Marshall
  118. The Shanghai Tunnels can be found in this city
  119. Cafe Adler could be found at this point
    Checkpoint Charlie
  120. As Union general, this man freed all the slaves in Missouri
    John C Fremont
  121. Fort Presque Isle can be found on this lake
    Lake Erie
  122. Granholm v Heald, in Michigan, invoked this rarely-used amendment
    21st Amendment
  123. This man was the first to use the White House toilet
  124. This president was the first to be photographed
  125. The Gulf of Tadjoura can be found in this country
  126. The Selk'nam and Yaghan people are indigenous to this region
    Tierra del Fuego
  127. Ponta Delgada is the capital of this group of islands
  128. Sao Miguel is the largest island in this chain
  129. Sao Jorge is an island in this chain
  130. Pico and Terceira are islands in this chain
  131. The Lexington was sunk at this battle
    Battle of the Coral Sea
  132. The Battle of Hopton Heath occurred during this war
    English Civil War
  133. Leofric was the husband of this woman
    Lady Godiva
  134. This guy beat Coke Stevenson in an election
  135. This leader won the Battle of Vitoria
    Duke of Wellington
  136. This man was the first governor of Indiana
    William Henry Harrison
  137. This river was called the Fresh River by the French
    Connecticut River
  138. Adriaen Block was the first European to discover what is now this state
  139. This man was the British diplomat to the Congress of Vienna
    Viscount Castlereagh
  140. William Sayle was the original settler of this island chain
  141. Woodes Rogers ended piracy in these islands
  142. Wallace Stevens was involved in this scandal
    Teapot Dome Scandal
  143. This emperor established the Quinquennial Neronia
  144. This military operation was codenamed Operation Trudy Jackson
    Inchon Landing
  145. The Bible and Its Enemies is a speech delivered by this politician
    William Jennings Bryan
  146. The Battle of Wilson's Creek occurred in this state
  147. Helen Maksagak was the first leader of this Canadian province
  148. Jesse B Thomas supported this piece of legislation
    Missouri Compromise
  149. Pocatello is one of the largest cities in this state
  150. This river flows through White Rock Canyon
    Rio Grande
  151. This "explorer" replaced Willem Kieft as Director-General
    Peter Stuyvesant
  152. This was a rebellion against taxes by Dutch Pennsylvania farmers
    Fries' Rebellion
  153. This city contains the Widest Avenue in the World
    Buenos Aires
  154. Children are supposed to make lots of noise during this Jewish holiday
  155. This assassin tried to start a newspaper called "The Daily Theocrat"
    Charles Guiteau
  156. Fox Bay was the site of an invasion in this war
    Falklands Islands War
  157. This man succeeded Albert Brewer as governor of Alabama
    George Wallace
  158. The Bashkirs are a group of people indigenous to this mountain range
    Ural Mountains
  159. The Saone is the largest tributary of this river
    Rhone River
  160. Lake Bangwuelu is the largest lake wholly in this country
  161. This guy is the PM of Iraq
    Nouri al-Maliki
  162. Ashur-dan II was one leader of this empire
    Assyrian Empire
  163. A bunch of "Nirari"s ruled this empire
    Assyrian Empire
  164. Abrams v US and Miller v California concerned this right
    Free Speech
  165. This guy fought with Wyatt Earp at the Shootout at the OK Corral
    Doc Holliday
  166. This man called himself "The Law West of the Pecos"
    Roy Bean
  167. Houngans and Mambos are priests in this religion
  168. Gyumri is the second-largest city in this country
  169. This country's history includes the Matabele Wars
  170. Water Island is an island in this chain
    Virgin Islands
  171. Crown Mountain is the highest point in this US territory
    US Virgin Islands
  172. This is the term for a choice in which only one option is offered (Take it or leave it)
    Hobson's Choice
  173. This religious leader suppressed the Libertines
    John Calvin
  174. The USS Charleston captured Guam in this war
    Spanish-American War
  175. This city is the third-largest city in Ireland
  176. This is the largest city on the western shore of Ireland
  177. This English king recognized Rory O'Connor as High King of Ireland
    Henry II
  178. This man was the last sultan of the Ottoman Empire
    Mehmet VI
  179. William Proxmire succeeded this man as Senator
    Joseph McCarthy
  180. The Severn River is the longest river in this state
  181. The Battle of Quiberon Bay occurred during this war
    Seven Years' War
  182. The Arenal Volcano is an active volcano in this country
    Costa Rica
  183. Hassan Nasrallah is the current leader of this terrorist group
  184. The Minnetaree Tribe held this woman captive
  185. Queen Wilhelmina ruled in this country
  186. This man succeeded Friedrich Ebert as president
    Paul von Hindenburg
  187. Port Royal was the capital of this French colony
  188. This lawyer is famous for suing Chiquita Banana
    Eric Holder
  189. The Strait of Georgia lies between these two landmasses
    • Vancouver Island
    • British Columbia
  190. Gurkhas were Indian soldiers loyal to Great Britain in this rebellion
    Sepoy Mutiny
  191. This man was the last Holy Roman Emperor
    Francis II
  192. This PM served as Chancellor of the Exchequer for Lord Palmerston
    William Gladstone
  193. This city lies on the Bow and Elbow River
  194. This Supreme Court judge wrote Active Liberty
    Stephen Breyer
  195. This ruler wrote Political Testament
    Cardinal Richelieu
  196. The Taylor Amendment was added to this piece of legislation
    Missouri Compromise
  197. The Saint Francis River flows through this state
  198. This US commander was known as the "Soldier's General"
    Omar Bradley
  199. This South American leader succeeded Jose Miguel Carrera
    Bernardo O'Higgins
  200. This South American leader lost the Battle of Rancagua
    Bernardo O'Higgins
  201. This thinker wrote The Poverty of Historicism
    Karl Popper
  202. This piece of legislation was influenced by the Hatch Act
    Morrill Land Grant Act
  203. This man was emperor during the Kemmu Restoration
  204. The Black Pope is a derogatory term for the leader of this religious order
  205. This guy was shot by Robert Ford
    Jesse James
  206. This family split into the Swabian and Franco branches
    Hohenzollern Family
  207. This monarch lost the Battle of Langside
    Mary, Queen of Scots
  208. The KANU Party is in this country
  209. Pope was a leader of this Native American tribe
    Pueblo Culture
  210. This man's expedition of the Erebus and the Terror was lost in the Arctic
    John Franklin
  211. The Karun is the longest river in this country
  212. This dynasty saw the Hundred Schools of Thought
    Zhou Dynasty
  213. Montauk Point is a point on this island
    Long Island
  214. Lake Simcoe lies in this province
  215. This commander lost the Battle of Cross Keys
    John C Fremont
  216. Huntington is the second-largest city in this state
    West Virginia
  217. The Makhtesh craters lie in this desert
    Negev Desert
  218. This president's Secretary of State was John Sherman
    William McKinley
  219. This Russian leader wrote Crucifixion of Liberty
    Alexander Kerensky
  220. Napoleon's Nose, or Cavehill, is a hill overlooking this city
  221. Aceh is a city on this island
  222. This ruler won the Battle of Khanwa
  223. This leader captured Kabul
  224. This ruler came to prominence as the ruler of Fergana
  225. The Genessee River flows through this province
  226. Felix V was the first of these popes
  227. This politician succeeded John Paterson as governor
    George Wallace
  228. This group was killed in the Weenen Massacre
  229. This president launched Operation Wetback
    Dwight D Eisenhower
  230. This president passed the Bricker Amendment
    Dwight D Eisenhower
  231. This man lost the Election of 1940
    Wendell Wilkie
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