Chapter 11 Section 1

  1. What were mountain men?
    -fur traders and trappers who traveled to the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest in the early 1800s
  2. Why were mountain men important?
    -they helped build trade in the western part of the United States
  3. Who were some Mountain Men? (4)
    • -Jedidiah Smith
    • -Manuel Lisa
    • -Jim Bridger
    • -Jim Beckworth
  4. Why did settlers travel the Oregon Trail?
    -they traveled the trail b/c they wanted to live in a much more pleasant climate that made it easier for them to grow crops
  5. What challenges did people face on Oregon Trail? (3)
    -shortages of food, water, and supplies

    -rough weather and geographic barriers

    -occasional indian attacks
  6. Why did people travel the Sante Fe Trail?
    -most people on the trail were traders that loaded their wagons up with cloth and other manufactured goods to trade for horses, mules, and silver from Mexican traders in Santa Fe, NM
  7. What challenges did people on Santa Fe Trail face? (2)
    -blazing hot deserts and climates

    -rough mountains
  8. Who were the leaders that took the Mormons west? (2)
    • -Joseph Smith
    • -Brigham Young
  9. Why did people travel the Mormon Trail?
    -they traveled west for religious freedom b/c they were being persecuted for the religious practices and beliefs
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Chapter 11 Section 1
Chapter 11 Section 1