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  1. capital city of the of the Jews, home of the Temple and site of Jesus' death
  2. (37-4 BC) slayer of the innocents in Bethlehem. Powerful, wicked, jealous, murderous King. He was a builder, reconstructing the Temple & numerous fortresses - Antonia, Herodium, Masada. Four of his sons divided up parts of his kingdom
    Herod the Great
  3. (4 BC to 39 AD) Ruled Galilee and Perea. Beheaded John, mocked Jesus the night of crucifixion
    Herod Antipas
  4. was the reason Joseph returned to Nazareth not Bethlehem after the flight to Egypt
  5. Missionary
  6. companion
  7. of
  8. missionary companion of Paul
    A Gentile
    A physician
    Author of the Gospel of Luke and the books of Acts
  9. (lover of God) was probably an unknown Gentile official
  10. Introduces Jesus to the Jews as their Christ or Messiah. Introduces Jesus to them as the son of David, the father of the kingly seed of Israel, and as the son of Abraham, the father of the physical seed of Israel. Matthew records the line of Joseph, thus giving the Legal line of Christ.
    Matthew's Geneology
  11. Introduces Jesus to the Gentiles as the son of Adam, the father of the human race and the son of God, the Creator of the human race. He records 74 names and traces the line backward from Jesus to Adam. Luke records the line of Mary, thus giving the bloodline of Christ. The l ine of Joseph legally preserves the royal line, while the line of Mary provides the bloodline of David
    Luke's Geneology
  12. King, Lion-like
    Readers: Jews
  13. Servant, Ox-like
    Readers: Romans
  14. Perfect Man, man-like
    Reader: Greeks
  15. God, Eagle-like
    Readers: World
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