Chapter 20, Patho, Digestive System, peptic ulcers

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  1. crater like lesions of the mucous membrane
  2. Ulcers of the upper GI tract
    peptic ulcers
  3. What can damage the mucosal barrier
    • inadequate blood supply
    • refluxed bile
    • asprin
    • NSAID
    • Alchol
  4. What is the major causitive agent of peptic ulcers
    • Helicobacter pylori (bacteria)
  5. describe Helicobacter pylori
    • gram negative, microaerophilic curved rod
    • motile(twists)
  6. where does Helicobacter pylori colonize
    mucosal layer of stomach
  7. what is created around Helicobacter pylori and what is it's function
    • alkaline halo
    • protects bacteria from gastric acid
    • allows bacteria to survive in stomach
  8. how is the alkaline halo produced
    • bacteria make enzyme Urease
    • catalyzes hydrolisis of urea
    • Urea becomes ammonia & CO2
    • ammonia & CO2 create alkaline halo
  9. how does the human body react to Helicobacter pylori
    inflammatory response leads to gastritis
  10. how is Helicobacter pylori transmitted
    • oral-oral
    • fecal-oral
    • contaminated water
    • unsanitized cooking
  11. what are the signs of peptic ulcers
    • epigastric pain and burning
    • pain-food-relief
    • nausea
    • vomiting
    • heartburn
    • weight gain(milkshakes)
    • anorexia
    • hemorrhage
    • asymptomatic
  12. what could usually be the first clinical manifestation of peptic ulcers
    hemorrhage or perforation
  13. what diagnostic test are used to confirm peptic ulcers
    • UGI
    • Endoscopy biopsy(culture bacteria, chech for urease)
    • blood test(H. pylori antibodies)
    • Urea breath test
    • stool test(H.pylori, or HpSA-stool antigen for H. pylori)
  14. how is a urea breath test done
    • swallow pytest capsule(has urea)
    • urease will break dowm urea
    • blood carries CO2 & ammonia to lungs
    • breath collected & analyzed
  15. what are the complications of peptic ulcers
    • hemorrhage
    • perforation=peritonitis
    • bowel obstruction
    • adhesions
    • Stomach cancer
  16. what is the treatment for peptic ulcers
    2 week triple therapy
  17. explain the triple therapy
    • 2 antibiotics
    • 1 acid suppressor(prilosec) or stomach lining sheild(pepto-bismal)
  18. prognosis for peptic ulcers
    80-90% cured
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Chapter 20, Patho, Digestive System, peptic ulcers
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