Church of God Ordianation Test

  1. Roots of the ____________ faith are laid in the holiness revival that occurred during the last half of the nineteenth century.
  2. A break with the Baptist church came in the year ______.
  3. _______ invited those who listened to join themselves together in the Christian Union.
  4. The invitation called for those who desired to be free from all ____-____ _____ and _________
    man-made creeds, traditions.
  5. The original name of this break-away group was the __________ _________
    Christian Union.
  6. The invitation proclaimed the New Testament or law of Christ as the only rule of _______ and ___________
    faith, practice
  7. The stated purpose of the Christian Union was to bring ______ and______ to Christians everywhere.
    unity, union
  8. The initial meeting of the Christian Union took place at the _______ _______ meeting house.
    Barney Creek
  9. ____________ and ___________were the core of the leadership in the mounting opposition to the early Church of God movement.
    Methodists, Baptists
  10. The first General Assembly was held in the year ______ in the home of J.C. Murphy.
  11. The moderator of the first Assembly was______________.
    A.J. Tomlinson
  12. The most significant action of the forth Assembly was to have a full-time ____________ ____________.
    General Moderator
  13. At the ________ General Assembly, the title of general moderator was changed to general overseer.
  14. ___________ was appointed as the first general treasurer for foreign missions at the 10th general assembly in 1914.
    F.J. Lee
  15. ___________ founder of Bethany Mission in China, was supported by the Church of God until cut off by the Japanese occupation in 1941.
    Paul C. Pitt,
  16. In 1940, a group of churches in ___________ were brought into the Church of God under the leadership of Marcos Mazzucco
  17. In 1944, new children’s home was founded in North Carolina under the leadership of ___________________
    A.V. Childers
  18. In 1944, George Savchenko and his wife went to __________ as missionaries for the Church of God.
  19. In 1951, the Church of God amalgamated with the Full Gospel Church in __________________
    South Africa
  20. In South Africa, the name of the church was changed to ______ ________ _________ __ _________
    Full Gospel Church of God
  21. The first “_______ ___ ______" radio program was broadcast in 1958
    Forward in Faith
  22. In 1967, the Church of God amalgamated with the Bethel Full Gospel Church in _____________.
  23. The completion of the ____________ ________ ______ before promotion to the rank of licensed minister was made mandatory by the 59th General Assembly in 1982.
    Ministerial Internship Program
  24. The 64th General Assembly in 1992 adopted a measure that allowed ____________ the right to vote and to speak in the General Assembly business sessions.
  25. In 1994, ______ ______ ____, retired after serving as the overseer of Indonesia since 1952.
    Ho L. Senduk
  26. Where state or local incorporation is necessary, the local church must first gain permission from the __________ ________ _____________.
    International Executive Committee
  27. Churches desiring to affiliate with the Church of God must be willing to abide by the actions of the ___________ _________ ____________.
    Internation General Assembly
  28. Internation General Assembly is the body with power and authority to designate the __________, __________, __________, ____________ of all the local churches composing the Assembly.
    teaching, government, principles, practices
  29. The _________ ___________ is authorized to call an Internation General Assembly of ministers provided that travel and other conditions are such that the Intenation Executive Committee and the Council of Eighteen deem it wise to do so.
    General Overseer
  30. The __________ ___________ serves as moderator of the Internaional General Assembly
    General Overseer
  31. Unless inconsistent with the bylaws of the Assembly, the official guide for the business of the International General Assembly is ___________ ____________ __ ___________ _________ _____________
    Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised
  32. The International General Assembly may alter, amend, or repeal its bylaws with a ______/_______ vote of the Assembly.
    2/3 (two-thirds)
  33. The International General Council is composed of all ________ ___________
    Ordained Bishops
  34. The International General Council meets _______ to consider recommendations that are Scriptural and proper in all matters of the church.
  35. The officers of the International General Council are the __________ and _____________
    Moderator, Secretary
  36. The ___________ ______ serves as the moderator of the International General Council.
    General Overseer
  37. The International General Council may alter, amend, or repeal its bylaws with a ________/___________ majority vote.
  38. The International Executive Council is composed of the ____ ______, ____ ___ ____, _____ _________, ____________ __ ____________
    General Overseer, Assistant General Overseer, Secretary General, Council of Eighteen
  39. At the time of thier election, _________ counciorls shall be pastors and __________ councilors shall be at the time of thier election foreign nationals residing and ministering outside the United States
    nine, two
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