Bobby's Random Notes XXXI

  1. The Letter of Majesty sparked the revolt that led to this war
    Thirty Years' War
  2. This king was Maria Theresa's dad
    Frederick VI
  3. This ruler authored the Behistun Inscription
    Darius I
  4. This anthropologist studied cranial size differences
    Franz Boas
  5. Poor's Brigade was crucial to the American victory here
    Battle of Saratoga
  6. James Abercrombie was known for his disastrous losses in this war
    French and Indian War
  7. This ruler's brother-in-law was Husayn
  8. This emperor authorized Operation Gogo
  9. Alvaro Obregon assassinated this Mexican ruler
  10. Harris v McRae was a case heard four years after this Supreme Court Case
    Roe v Wade
  11. This philosopher formulated his "Dream Argument"
    Rene Descartes
  12. The Battle of Majuba Hill occurred during this war
    First Boer War
  13. Ignatius White warned people against this revolt
    Glorious Revolution
  14. Rostov is a key city to associate with this body of water
    Sea of Azov
  15. This ruler was defeated by the Sassanids in Armenia
    Atilla the Hun
  16. This religious thinker wrote On Christian Doctrine
    Augustine of Hippo
  17. This English king executed the Earl of Surrey
    Henry VIII
  18. This thinker coined the term "Collective Representation"
    Emile Durkheim
  19. This ruler had Gaumata assassinated
    Darius I
  20. John Darley and Bibb Latane first discussed this psychological effect
    Bystander Effect
  21. This ruler was the son of Xanthippus and Agariste
  22. This ruler was paired with Fabius Maximus in Parallel Lives
  23. This ruler prosecuted his rival Cimon
  24. This work is subtitled "A Book for All or None"
    Thus Spake Zarathustra
  25. One section of this work is the "Spirit of Gravity"
    Thus Spake Zarathustra
  26. This work examines the three metamorphoses of the person: camel, lion, child
    Thus Spake Zarathustra
  27. This work contains the section "Old and New Tables"
    Thus Spake Zarathustra
  28. This work discusses the Motley Cow
    Thus Spake Zarathustra
  29. Sections in this work include "On the Flies of the Marketplace" and "On the Despisers of the Body"
    Thus Spake Zarathustra
  30. This thinker wrote Marriage and Morals
    Bertie Russell
  31. The Mughalzhar Hills are a major part of this mountain range
    Ural Mountains
  32. Albert Brewer was succeeded as governor by this politician
    George Wallace
  33. John Patterson was succeeded as governor by this politician
    George Wallace
  34. The Islands of the Four Mountains are found in this archipelago
    Aleutian Islands
  35. This Supreme Court Justice coined the term "transjudicialism"
    Sandra Day O'Connor
  36. The Samu Incident was a contributing factor to this conflict
    Six Day War
  37. This president authored the Black Tariff
    Millard Fillmore
  38. The Wolfjaw Mountains are located in this mountain range
  39. This ruler dealt with a rebellion led by Father Gapon
    Nicholas II
  40. This civil rights leader ran for representative against Arthur Clayton Powell Jr
    James Meredith
  41. Mount Yamantau is the highest point in the southern end of this mountain range
    Ural Mountains
  42. The October Days were a part of this revolution
    French Revolution
  43. This psychologist coined the term "uncanny"
    Sigmund Freud
  44. This ruler maintained order through the fyrd system
    Alfred the Great
  45. Asser was the biographer of this ruler
    Alfred the Great
  46. This ruler sieged the city of Balkh
  47. This rebellion occurred after the 100 Days Reform
    Boxer Rebellion
  48. Calder v Bull traced back to this Supreme Court case
    Marbury v Madison
  49. This tribe converted from Arianism to Christianity
  50. The capital of this tribe was Toulouse
  51. The "Seed of slavery" led to this event
    Boston Tea Party
  52. Operation Southern Watch was an attack on this country
  53. Operation Grief was performed in this battle
    Battle of the Bulge
  54. This dynasty won the Battle of Gaixia
    Han Dynasty
  55. The Diffusion of Responsibility is a part of this psychological theory
    Bystander Effect
  56. This Egyptian ruler waged the War of Attrition
    Gamal Abdel Nasser
  57. Cape Diamond was a major fort in this battle
    Battle of Quebec
  58. This man succeeded Bill Frist as Senate Majority Leader
    Harry Reid
  59. This man's economic plan was centered around the Vuskovic Plan
    Salvador Allende
  60. This man was the Chancellor of the Exchequer under Neville Chamberlain
    Neville Chamberlain
  61. This ethnic group fought the Caste War
  62. This thinker wrote Sense of Beauty
    George Santayana
  63. The Elk River was central to this battle
    Battle of Brandywine
  64. The Coco River divides these two countries
    • Nicaragua
    • Honduras
  65. This country owns El Tigre island
  66. The author of this work writes about throwing away cucumbers
  67. This dynasty won the Battle of Muye
    Zhou Dynasty
  68. This ruler was killed by Artabanus
    Xerxes I
  69. This American Revolutionary worked for the Onion River Company
    Ethan Allen
  70. The Gulf of Dulce is owned by this country
    Costa Rica
  71. This ruler was also known as Prince Kurrham
    Shah Jahan
  72. This ruler dealt with the Lodi Rebellion
    Shah Jahan
  73. Taylor Creek flows into this lake
    Lake Okeechobee
  74. Pigouvian taxes are types of these economic occurrences
  75. This leader supervised the tearing down of the Romanov House
    Boris Yeltsin
  76. The Denshawai Incident occurred in this country during a border dispute with Great Britain
  77. The Bight of Bonny lies on the coastline of this country
  78. The Wouri River is a major river in this nation
  79. The Four Affirmations are central to this religion
  80. This country was ruled is part by the Ninth of May Constitution
  81. Klement Gottwald was one president of this country
  82. The Gate of All Nations Palace can be found in this ancient city
  83. Manuel Camacho was the president of this country
  84. This ancient philosopher believed that light steered the universe
  85. This man was known as the "obscure philosopher"
  86. This capital city lies on the Molonglo River
  87. This capital city lies in the Snowy Mountains
  88. This king exiled Concino Concini
    Louis XIII
  89. Henry McComb was implicated in this scandal
    Credit Mobilier Scandal
  90. This editor wrote the "Prayer of the Twenty Million"
    Horace Greeley
  91. This island contains the Exclave of Temburong
  92. The Karimata Strait lies to the south of this country
  93. This psychologist discussed the "Community Feeling"
    Alfred Adler
  94. This ruler tried to put down the July Days Revolt
    Alexander Kerensky
  95. This man was the son-in-law of Zachary Taylor
    Jefferson Davis
  96. Beira is one of the largest cities in this country
  97. This thinker's moral philosophy included "Passive Obedience"
    George Berkeley
  98. This thinker wrote The Analyst
    George Berkeley
  99. Somersett's Case in England concerned this practice
  100. This explorer was prominent in the Kolobeng Mission
    David Livingstone
  101. This British thinker wrote Instauratio Magna
    Francis Bacon
  102. This country witnessed the Ampatuan Massacre
  103. This army fought at the Battles of Milazzo and Calatafimi
    Red Shirts
  104. The Air Mountains can be found in this country
  105. The Agadez Region can be found in this country
  106. The Fulton Chain is a group of mountains in this larger range
  107. The Ausable River flows through this range
  108. This man is the last secretary of state to become a president
    James Buchanan
  109. The War of Breton Succession was a part of this huge war
    Hundred Years' War
  110. Vibia Sabina was the lover of this Roman emperor
  111. Cecily Neville was the mother of this "illegitimate" monarch
    Richard III
  112. This vice president's memoir was titled "Go Quietly…Or Else"
    Spiro Agnew
  113. The Norrland is a northern region in this European country
  114. This monarch conferred nobility onto the rich in the Charter to the Nobility
    Catherine the Great
  115. This group issued the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle
  116. This politician got his political start with David Shanahan
    Richard M Daley
  117. Cuxhaven is a major city on this European River
    Elbe River
  118. The Vltava River is a major tributary of this river
    Elbe River
  119. Magdeburg is a major city on this river
    Elbe River
  120. Bassi was a major ruler of this empire
  121. Chiang Mai is a major tourist destination in this country
  122. The Mun River is a major river in this nation
  123. The Seventeen Point Agreement concerns the sovereignty of this region
  124. The Gulf of Gemlik indents this body of water
    Sea of Marmara
  125. The Gulf of Erdek indents this body of water
    Sea of Marmara
  126. Monte Cinto is the highest point of this island
  127. The Shuri castle can be found on this time
  128. The Penn Effect relates to the correlation between purchasing power and this economic property
  129. Andrew Donelson served as Vice President for this political party
    Know Nothing Party
  130. This political party opposed the Falange and Francisco Franco
  131. Ralph Abernathy helped plan this event
    Montgomery Bus Boycott
  132. Culpepper's Rebellion occurred in this state
    North Carolina
  133. Rudolf Hess was the last inmate of this prison
    Spandau Prison
  134. This state capital was once known as New Helvetia
  135. This politician was the anti-federalist "Cato"
    George Clinton
  136. This thinker wrote Sentiments of Rationality
    William James
  137. The Yellow Turban Rebellion marked a turning point in the history of this religion
  138. Fort Smith is the second-largest city in this state
  139. Adamstown is the capital of this island
    Pitcairn Island
  140. This island owns the Henderson Islands
    Pitcairn Island
  141. Albert II is the current ruler of this principality
  142. William Green was the most recent leader of this union
  143. Roper v Simmons concerned this amendment
    Eighth Amendment
  144. This city lies at the head of the Golden Horn Bay
  145. Lake Assal is the only major lake in this country
  146. This thinker wrote A Few Words on Nonintervention
    JS Mill
  147. This country's longest river is the Bandama River
    Ivory Coast
  148. The Sassandra and Komoe Rivers are both major rivers in this country
    Ivory Coast
  149. Overland Park is the second most populous city in this state
  150. This ruler introduced the Council of the 400
  151. Skandhas are people in this religion
  152. Prussians arrived at this battle after the Battle of Ligny
    Battle of Waterloo
  153. People eat karpas on this Jewish holiday
  154. This Confederate commander lost the Battle of Five Forks
    George Pickett
  155. This future Confederate commander led the initial charge in the Pig War
    George Pickett
  156. This thinker wrote System of Synthetic Philosophy
    Herbert Spencer
  157. This king was victorious at the Battles of Ivry and Arques
    Henry IV
  158. This explorer married Elizabeth Throckmorton
    Sir Walter Raleigh
  159. The Arrow Lakes are formed by this river
    Columbia River
  160. To consolidate power, this ruler seized Maine
    William the Conqueror
  161. This man wrote The Philadelphia Negro
    WEB DuBois
  162. This ruler was succeeded by Samsu-Iluna
  163. This ruler succeeded Sin-Muballit
  164. W Michael Blumenthal was this president's Secretary of the Treasury
    Jimmy Carter
  165. This president signed into law the Airline Deregulation Act
    Jimmy Carter
  166. Lapu Lapu was of the tribe that killed this explorer
    Ferdinand Magellan
  167. The Bay of Koror lies in this body of water
    Adriatic Sea
  168. Lord Bute was the favorite advisor of this monarch
    George III
  169. This emperor defeated his rival Carinus for the throne
  170. This emperor defeated his main rival at the Battle of Margus
  171. This city lies on the Duwamish River
  172. Trapper Peak lies in this state
  173. This politician invented the term Barnwell Ring
    Strom Thurmond
  174. This king took Lombardy from Desiderius
  175. Gonzales v Carhart dealt with this controversial practice
  176. People were given citizenship in this polity in the Jones Act
    Puerto Rico
  177. Before the presidency, this man was a haberdasher
    Harry Truman
  178. The Shah Commission investigated the rule of this prime minister
    Indira Gandhi
  179. This economist wrote The Theory of the Consumption Function
    Milton Friedman
  180. This economist worked with Simon Kuznets on one work
    Milton Friedman
  181. This pope called the Council of Bari
    Urban II
  182. This leader founded the Salo Republic
    Benito Mussolini
  183. The Battle of Lissa occurred during this war
    Seven Weeks War
  184. The Gastein Convention began this war
    Seven Weeks War
  185. The Battle of Custoza occurred during this war
    Seven Weeks War
  186. The Battle of Lagensalza occurred during this war
    Seven Weeks War
  187. The Battle of Lamacs occurred during this war
    Seven Weeks War
  188. The Battle of Bezzecca occurred during this war
    Seven Weeks War
  189. Omar Bongo was the first president of this country
  190. The Uskok War was a part of this larger war
    Thirty Years War
  191. The Gowrie House Plot was an attempt to overthrow this king
    James I
  192. The Octavians tried to control this king's finances
    James I
  193. This king wrote On Demonology
    James I
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