1. what are the three way heat can be transferred?
    radiation conduction and convection
  2. what surface is best for absorbing heat?
    black matt
  3. what are the three states of matter and describe the formation?
    solid,organised formation liquid,simarlar formation to solid but got some room to pass each other. gases,irregular formation and are free to move around
  4. what is convection?
    convection is where particle move towards a heat source

    then they heat up and start to rise

    as it moves away from the heat source it cool and start to sink
  5. what is condensation ?
    condensation is when gas turns to liquid
  6. what is evapouration ?
    evapouration is when liquid turns to gas
  7. what animal have evolved small ears to minimize heat loss
    the artic fox
  8. name 5 ways of efficiency in homes
    wall insulation,loft insulation,hot water tank jaket,double glazing and draught-proofing
  9. what is the formula for shc (specific heat capacity)
    Energy transferred=mass*specific heat capacity*temparature
  10. name 5 types of energy transfer
    electric,light,sound,kinetic,nuclear,thermal,gravitational potential,elastic potential,chemical
  11. true or false energy can not be stored or dissipated
  12. a t.v would tranfer from electrical energy to
    light sound and heat energy
  13. how to calculate the efficiency of a machine
    • efficiency=useful energy out
    • useful energy in
  14. what is the formular to find out the cost of electricity
    energy =power x time
  15. name 3 types of non-renewable energies
    coal,oil,natural gas nuclear fuels
  16. name 8 types of renewable energy
    wind waves tides hydroelectric solar geothermal food biofuel
  17. what is the national grid
    the national grid takes electrical energy from power stations to where it is needed across the country
  18. what is the formula for waves
    speed= frequency x wave length
  19. name all of the e.m spectrum
    radio micro infrared visible lights u.v x ray gamma rays
  20. is the big bang theory the best theory we have so far
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