1. How are sound waves caused?
    Sound waves are caused by vibrating objects.
  2. What is the National Grid?
    The National Grid is bthe network of pylons and cables that covers the whole of Britain, these carry electricity t homes all over the country.
  3. How do waves transfer energy?
    Waves transfer energy from one place to another without transferring any matter.
  4. What are the three wave properties?
    Reflection, refraction and diffraction.
  5. What are the uses of Infrared waves?
    Infrared waves can be used for remote controls and optical fibres (used in phone lines).
  6. What is gravitational force?
    Gravitational force is the force of attraction between all masses.
  7. Is weight and mass the same?
    No, mass is just the amount of something in an object whereas weigth is caused by the pull of the gravitational force.
  8. What is kinetic energy?
    Kinetic energy is energy of movement, anything that moves has kinetic energy.
  9. What is the formula for specific heat capacity?
    • E = m x SHC x theta
    • (Energy Transferred) (mass)
  10. Name 2 types of non renewable energy
    • Coal
    • Oil
    • Natural Gas
    • Nuclear Power
  11. What is evaporation?
    When water is converted from liquid form into vapour.
  12. What is condensation?
    When water changes from vapour or gas into a liquid. Condensation is responsible for the making of clouds.
  13. What is the best emitter of heat?
    Black Matt or Black Dull surfaces
  14. What is a U Value?
    A U value is how fast heat is transferred through a material
  15. How does heat transfer through a solid?
    By conduction
  16. What is the best absorber of infrared radiation?
    White Shiny
  17. Name both types of wave
    Longitudinal and transverse
  18. What happens to particles when they rise?
    They become less dense
  19. How does heat transfer work in a gas?
    Via Convection
  20. Which is more reliable underground cables or overground cables?
    Underground cables are more reliable
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