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  1. how can heat be transferred?
    heat can be transferred by radiation, conduction, or convection
  2. what is conductions main form of heat transfer?
  3. what is convection main for of heat transfer?
    liquids and gases
  4. infra-red radiation can be emitted by what threethings?
    solids, liquids and gases
  5. the bigger the temperature difference the slower/faster energy is transferred by heating?
  6. what do all objects do continually?
    absorb infra-red radiation
  7. the hotter an object is the more/less radiation it radiates in a given time?
  8. what do shiny surfaces reflect of them?
    infra-red radiation
  9. what is the best absorber of heat radiation?
    black matt surfaces
  10. Why do you have a big surface area?
    To release heat easier.
  11. What is evaporation?
    When water is converted from liquid form into vapour.
  12. What happens to particles when they rise?
    They become less dense
  13. What is a U Value?
    A U value is how fast heat is transferred through a material
  14. How are sound waves caused?
    Sound waves are caused by vibrating objects.
  15. What is condensation?
    When water changes from vapour or gas into a liquid. Condensation is responsible for the making of clouds.
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