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  1. what is condensation?
    when a gas turns into a liquid
  2. which wave from the EM spectrum has the highest frequency and energy?
    Gamma rays
  3. What is carbon capture?
    carbon capture is to store and capture CO2 into empty fields. They do this to reduce the green house gas effect.
  4. What is non renewable energy?
    Energy that will run out eventually
  5. Nmae a advantage of wind trubines?
    Produce energy/no pollution/low running cost
  6. Name all the renewable energys
    Wind, waves, tides, hydroelectric, solar ,geothermal, food and biofuels
  7. What does the national grid do?
    The national grid takes electrical energy from power stations where it is needed in homes.
  8. What is the equation to find out energy transfer?
    Mass x specific heat capactiy x temperature change.
  9. Name the nine types of energy?
    electrical, light, sound, kinetic, nuclear, thermal, gravatational potential, elastic potential and chemical.
  10. Can sound waves reflect and refract?
  11. What is the amplitude of a wave?
    The height of the wave measured from the rest point.
  12. What is the equation to find out wave speed?
    Frequency x wavelength
  13. Why do artic foxes have small ears?
    To minimise heat loss
  14. What is evaparation?
    When a liquid turns into a gas?
  15. What three ways is heat transfered in?
    Radiation conduction and convection
  16. Name a disadvantage of wind turbines?
    cost a lot to set up/ not reliable
  17. Name the two types of waves?
    longditudianl and transverse
  18. What are U-values?
    How fast heat can transfer
  19. What are the three types of matter?
    liquids solids and gases
  20. Why are solids good at conducting?
    Because of their free electrons
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