1. Relationship of static friction and sliding object base area
    Independent. There is none.
  2. Relationship of kinetic friction and speed over time. (tension and friction forces are constant)
    The coefficient of kinetic friction is always lower than that of static friction. Therefore there is a net accelerating force on the block once it starts to slide making speed increase linearly with time.
  3. What accounts for N2's boiling point being lower than O2's?
    N2 has a lower molecular weight than does O2.
  4. As distance increases between transmitter and receiver of sound, wavelength...
  5. Speed relationship between radio and sound waves.
    Sound waves travel more slowly.
  6. If wavelength decreases, then the object making the sound is...
    Getting closer.
  7. Pressure in a liquid is proportional to...
    Liquid density and depth
  8. The pH at the equivalence point of a titration is equal to...
    The pH of the salt solution formed.
  9. Equivalent mass (equivalent weight)
    The mass of an acid that yields one mole of hydrogen ions.


    The mass of a base that reacts with one mole of hydrogen ions.
  10. Calculating mole fraction
    The mole fraction is the number of moles of chemical in question divided by the total number of moles for all other species in solution.

    mf of A = Image Upload 1
  11. Partial pressure
    Divide the total pressure by number of molecules (including coefficients).

    CH4 + 2O2 Image Upload 2 CO2 + 2H2O

    (maybe products only?)
  12. Empirical formula from grams.
    Figure out number of moles. Number of moles equals subscript unless it can be reduced. (e.g. 2:4:2 = 1:2:1)
  13. Fundamental wavelengths
    Open pipe wavelength is 2 times the length of the pipe.

    Pipe diameter doesn't matter.
  14. (Photoelectric effect) When the number of photons increases...
    The number of electrons ejected increases.

    Electron energy is based on the energy of the photon.
  15. Calculating power dissipated as heat in a resistor
    The square of the current (I) times the resistance (R).
  16. (Photoelectric effect) Increasing the frequency of each photon...
    Increases the speed of the ejected electron.
  17. Fusion (phase changes) definition
  18. Plane mirror characteristic
    Produces an image behind its plane at a distance equal to the distance of the object being reflected.
  19. Equivalent of [H+]
  20. The autonomic nerve fibers that directly innervate the heart to cause cardiac slowing are:
    Parasympathetic motor fibers
  21. Amine vs. Amide
    • Amine
    • Image Upload 3
    • Amide
    • Image Upload 4
  22. Glucagon function
    Stimulates gluconeogenisis and release of glucose into the blood.
  23. Effect of an impurity on melting points
    Slightly lowers and broadens the temperature range of melting.
  24. Ether
    Image Upload 5
  25. Ester
    Image Upload 6
  26. Ketone
    Image Upload 7
  27. Relationship between the colon and the appendix
    They are connected in such a way that contents may move freely between them.
  28. Two aspects of fungal spores
    Metabolically inactive

  29. Cells included in an inflammatory response
    • T cells
    • B cells
    • Other leukocytes
  30. Saponification
    Image Upload 8Saponification is hydrolysis of an ester.
  31. Bacterial replication
  32. Organs involved in menstrual cycle


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