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  1. The problem of strong christians eating food offered to an idol in ch 8 is that...
    Thy might destroy weaker christians
  2. The main practical lesson according to ch 10 is that...
    We must take care how our lifestyle affects others
  3. This chapter (8) mainly has to do with eating food offered to an idol in a private home?
    T or F
  4. The patron deity of Corinth was...
  5. The "gods of the earth" may be a reference to...
    The roman imperial family
  6. Meat was a common feature in the diet of first century individiuals?
    T or F
  7. Most of the dining rooms connected to temples at Corinth were usually very large, holding 40-50 guests?
    T or F
  8. The Greek word for "eating" means to "sit in a chair"?
    T or F
  9. The "knowledge" that all Christians possessed, Paul said, was that...
    There is but one god
  10. The main god worshipped a the healing center of epidaurus was...
  11. Some of the apostles were married?
    T or F
  12. The center of athletic games near Corinth was...
  13. Unlike in modern athletics, training for the games in the ancient world was much more casual and laid back?
  14. The premier rents at the Greek games centered on...
  15. The victors in the games near Corinth were originally given a...
    Garland of celery
  16. Paul illustrates the principle that ministry deserve financial support by reference to what animal?
  17. Games were held at the locality near Corinth every...
    2 years
  18. Ch 9 supports the idea that Paul was not very culturally sensitive?
    T or F
  19. Like most teachers in the ancient world, paul usually took money for his preaching an teaching in local churches?
    T or F
  20. Paul understood the events on the Damascus road as a real encounter wih the risen lord and not a vision?
    T or F
  21. Paul argues that Christians in private homes of friends could eat meat sacrificed to idols if they had been told ofthe meats origin?
    T or F
  22. Although Paul is concerned about those who participate in pagan worship, he does not forbid Christians from it if done in the proper spirit?
    T or F
  23. The key issue in ch 10 is...
    The christians role in civic life
  24. The meat market in Corinth was located next to...
    The forum
  25. The Corinthians were told to follow _____ example?
  26. In the greco-roman world ____ were frequently present at banquets?
  27. Food for sale in the meat market had first been...
    Sacrificed in a temple or sanctuary
  28. Pauls opening argument in ch 10 is drawn from...
    The jewish exodus
  29. The Christian religion has little or no connection wih Jewish history?
    T or F
  30. The only circumstance in private homes when christians could not eat meat initially sacrificed to idols was when...
    Someone said, "this is idol meat"
  31. The word "ekklesia" was also used in Greek cities to describe...
    political gathering
  32. The "present crisis" at Corinth may have to do with...
    A food shortage
  33. The trouble over the lords supper probably did not involve the social elite of the church and only had to do with outside agitators?
    T or F
  34. Apparently, the lords supper was taken on Sundays and regularly in the nt period?
    T or F
  35. Some evidence exists that the punishment for adultery (for women) in the Greco-roman world involved...
    Shaving of the head
  36. The women of the imperial elite in colonies such as Corinth usually had their heads covered in coinage and statuary?
    T or F
  37. The lords supper is only a memorial by Christians of the Passover events recorded in exodus?
    T or F
  38. In roman society the reason for a man having his head covered during worship was...
    To reduce he noise of the animals being sacrificed
  39. At qumran "angels"...
    Participated in worship
  40. The misuse of the lords supper at Corinth actually caused some to become I'll and even die?
    T or F
  41. One reason that Jews resented Greek sporting events in jerusalem and elsewhere was because...
    Greeks competed naked
  42. In the roman colony of Corinth the norm was to have the statues of individuals clothed?
    T or F
  43. "tongues" can also be translated as "languages"?
    T or F
  44. The ancient world was unfamiliar with pauls concept of the "unity of the body" in the midst of diversity?
    T or F
  45. The term "pagans" identifies members of the corithian church as coming from the non-Jewish world?
    T or F
  46. The deity of Cori th which had a temple on the top of akrocorinth was...
  47. THe oracle of Apollo was connected mainly to the city of...
  48. Small models of body parts were dedicated in sanctuaries of healing god ____ in Corinth?
  49. THe magistrate Erastus laid with his own money a ____ in Corinth?
  50. The word Paul uses in his discussion for putting a curse on someone is...
  51. This roman emperor persecuted Christians by igniting them, burning them as torches?
  52. The patron deity of Corinth was ___ the goddess of love?
  53. Corinth was famous for this product used by the ancient world?
    Bronze alloy
  54. Aphrodite was thougt to be the ancestor of?
    Julius ceasar
  55. The roman name for Aphrodite was...
  56. The key for life in the church according to ch 13 is...
  57. A statue of Aphrodite shows her admiring herself in...
    The reflection of a shield
  58. The primary word Paul used for love was...
  59. Philia is the type of love best described as love of passion or desire?
    T or F
  60. That Jesus appeared to more 500 Christians after his resurrection is also mentioned in the gospels?
    T or F
  61. Which of these is a mystery cult?
    Both a and b
    • Both a and b
    • Demeter and kore
  62. The core of the christian belief an life is...
    The resurrection of jesus
  63. The idea of bodily resurrection was approved of by Greeks in general?
    T or F
  64. Greek generally believed in the immortality of the soul, but nothe resurrection of the body?
    T or F
  65. Paul wrote to Corinth while he was in...
  66. When Paul talks about the scriptures he is alluding to...
    The ot
  67. Paul quotes from an Athenian playwright name...
  68. When Paul speaks of himself as being "abnormally born" he means...
    He became an apostle improperly
  69. Pagans protected the dead in the next life by...
    Using images to warm off evil
  70. Most travelers chose the winter season for sea travel because of low fares and safety issues?
    T or F
  71. The destination of the collection Paul was making among he gentile Christians was...
  72. The best evidence indicates that Christians met regularly on ____
    • The day after he jewish sabbath
    • The day of the week on which christ rose from the dead
  73. The roman government prevented Jews living in other countries from sending money to Jerusalem?
    T or F
  74. The Latin meaning of the name of fortunatus was...
  75. Macedonia was a roman province in the south of Greece?
    T or F
  76. The first century church met in buildings especially built for worship services?
    T or F
  77. Evidently Paul had no serious problems with Apollo and wanted him to return to Corinth?
    T or F
  78. Paul and sosthenes both sign the Corinthian letter at the end?
    T or F
  79. The strategic road that transverse the entire province of Macedonia was...
    The egnatian way
  80. Chapter 8 is about?
    • Knowledge vs love
    • Eating meat offered to idols in pagan temples
    • Proper use of freedom (just because we can doesnt mean we should. Our strength can destroy the weak christian)
  81. Chapter 9 is about?
    • Giving up your rights for others
    • Paul doesnt take money
    • Church should support their preachers
    • Paul serves all men, becoming what they need him to be
    • Work like athletes to win the race
  82. Chapter 10 is about?
    • Paul details the danger they face
    • Opens with ot exodus
    • Ot stories are important to christianity
    • God will punish the sinful
    • Flee idolatry and temptation
    • Just because things are lawful doesnt mean you should do them
  83. Chapter 12 is about?
    • The use and abuse of spiritual gifts
    • All gifts come from the same god
    • One body with many parts working together
    • One baptism in water (not the holy spirit)
  84. Chapter 13 is about?
    • Love
    • Gift w/o love are pointless
    • Eros, philos, agape
  85. Ch 14 is about?
    • Tongues vs prophesy
    • Women in worship assembly
  86. Speaking in tongues is what type of worship?
    Vertical. Between you and god. Is NOT helpful to the church
  87. Proshesy is what type of worship?
    • Horizontal. Between you, other people and god.
    • It DOES benifit the church
  88. 4 things that help the church
    • Prophesy
    • Knowledge
    • Teaching
    • Revelation
  89. Ch 15 is about?
    • The resurrection of the body
    • Belief in the res is not a light matter, but one of first importance
    • the res is the foundation of our ethics and motivation for faithful work in god.
  90. What did Justin martyr say about the res?
    There are some who call themselves christians but do not believe in the bodily resurrection, thy believe they die and go to heaven. I dont believe they are christians"
  91. Views of the after life for Corinthians vs Paul
    • Corinthians: die --- heaven
    • Paul: die ---- ressurction ---- heaven
  92. What is Paula central thesis of his argument in ch 15?
    • The body will be ressurrected brfore heaven
    • The res body is a changed, spiritual body
  93. Ch 16 is about?
    • The collection sent to jerusalem
    • Pauls travel plans
    • Closing of letter
  94. Pauls two main motivation for the collection...
    • To unify jewish and gentile christians
    • The help the poor
  95. Pauls travel plans:
    • Ephesus -- macedonia -- corinth
    • But timothy is coming!
  96. Chapter 11 is about?
    • Womens role in church
    • Heads covered or uncovered
    • Order of creation
    • The lords supper being abused
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