history exam 3

  1. individuals enjoy the rights to freedom of speech against actions and laws by state and local governments
    decision in gitlow v New York
  2. freedom of the press first included under the 14th amendment in an effort to protect individuals from the actions by state and local officials
    decision in Near v. Minnesota
  3. false harmful statements made in written form, not constitutionally-protected form of speech
  4. New York Times Company v United States dealt with the issue of
    freedom of press
  5. the free exercise clause of the 1st amendment has been expanded largely through legal challenges involving which religous denomination
    jehovah's witnesses
  6. the clear and present danger test was established by the US supreme court in its decision in the case of
    schenck v united states
  7. the US supreme court decision in brandenburg v ohio dealt with the issue of
    freedom of speech
  8. limit on first amendment rights not generally accepted by the courts as constitutional
    prior restraint
  9. as a result of miller v california, the current test for obscenity is based on
    community standards
  10. before a judge will issue the police a warrant authorizing a search, the police mus establish
    probable cause
  11. the right to have an attorney present during police questioning while in custody emerged fromt the court case of
    miranda v arizona
  12. the US supreme court reactivated the death penalty in the US was the case of
    gregg v georgia
  13. the prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment can be found in the
    8th amendment
  14. the US supreme court first explicitly recognized a right to privacy in the case of
    griswold v connecticut
  15. the majority opinion by Justice william o doublas concluded that a right to privacy exists as an unstated element of several rights in the bill of rights
    1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th
  16. the US sepreme courts decision in planned parenthood v Casey
    limited reproductive rights
  17. in Roe v Wade, what state had its statute challenged?
  18. what case adressed whether minors had to obtain parental consent before terminating pregnancy
    planned parenthood v casey
  19. the two part of the dual court systems in the US are
    state and federal system
  20. legal proceedings in which the gov seeks to prove that an individual is guilty of a crime and deserves punishment for a crime are
    criminal prosecutions
  21. legal actions filled by individuals seeking compensation from private parties contract violations, personal injury, and related issues are
    civil lawsuits
  22. the US supreme court is an
    appellate court
  23. a writ of ceritorari
    transfers jurisdiction from a lower court to the US supreme court
  24. to hear a specific case how many justices must vote to hear a case?
  25. the US supreme court is composed of
    9 justices
  26. in the american legal system, original jurisdiction refers to
    court with the authority to hear the case in the first instance
  27. a concurring opinion refers to an opinion
    by a judge who agrees with the decision of the majoity but wishes to present an alternative reason for their opinion
  28. what topic is not a part of article 3 of the constitution
    judicial review
  29. the chief justice of the US supreme court in 1803 was
    John Marshall
  30. many scholars believe that judges need to interpret constitutions and statuses because
    the law is frequently ambiguous and in need of interpretation
  31. the idea that judges sometimes interject their own opinions and preferences into their decisions and constitutional interpretation is referred to as
    judicial activism
  32. contemporay judges are able to give meaning to the words in the US constitution in light of current values and policy problems
    flexible interpretation
  33. the department of justice is headed by
    the attorney general of the US
  34. privatization has been suggested as a cure for the problems of gov bureaucracy because
    private buissnesses deliver services and benefits with greater efficiency and less expense than gov bureaucracies
  35. most contempory scholars view the concept of the iron triange as
    limited and outdated
  36. the great depression began with
    the stock market crash of 1929
  37. Max weber lived between
  38. the best example of standardization is when
    americans from two differnt regions of the country receive the same benefits from the government
  39. the use of private military contractors in Iraq is an example of
  40. what refers to the collections of interest groups scholars and other experts that interact with each other regarding public policy concerns and issues of interest
    issue networks
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