Health Assessment

  1. What do you do when assessing the septum? What would be unusual?
    Just tip up tip of nose and use pen light. Making contact can be very uncomfortable.

    Can have holes from cocain, nasal steroids. When administering nasal spray, spray into opposit nostril.

    Turbinates: Can be swollen, red, and have discharge. If pallor/cyanosis think allergies.
  2. Where is the most common place to find oral cancers?
    Under the tongue.
  3. Normal uvula can be...
    Long, short, bifurcated. May also have partial or all removed to treat sleep apnea.
  4. What is the Buccul area?
    Mucosa lined inner cheek.
  5. When taking Hx, what is a normal amount of cold/yr?
  6. Which cranial nerve is responsible for smell?
  7. What is Torus Palatinus?
    Cobbled nodules, boney and tumor-like along the hard palate. Unusual, but not necessarily cause for alarm unless trauma produces lesions.
  8. How can a parent get a foreign object out of his/her child's nose?
    Puff through mouth, object should pop out.
  9. What is angular chelitis?
    Dryness and cracking at corners of mouth.
  10. What is Thrush?
    White, velvety patches along mucous membranes of mouth. Will bleed if abraded.
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