1. ´╗┐What does nanoanatomy refer to?
    Genes and proteins
  2. Enamel Function?
    • wear resist
    • hard
    • bolus penetration
    • insolubility
    • acid resistance
    • removed by Klk4
  3. Dentin?
    • toughness
    • fracture resist
    • sensation
    • repair
    • retained collagen matrix
    • resopred by osteoclasts
  4. What's the main protein of dentin?
    Collagen (col1a2)
  5. What are features of DEJ?
    • 20um transistional zone
    • specialized aprismatic enamel(diffuse damage) and Mantle dentin
    • provides broad function zone
    • controlled failure mechanisms: surface area, gradation, interlocking
  6. Collagen features?
    • triple helix, chains left, wrap right
    • glycine, proline
  7. What is diff btwn PTD and ITD?
    • peri is dense smooth
    • inter is disorganized granualar
  8. Amelogenin
    • dominent enamel protein
    • self assembly nanospheres->guide crystallization
    • migratory vectors weave
    • isoforms give rise to different size crystallites so they pack better with more complexity.
  9. what does DSP do to enamel?
    makes harder if expressed throughout (usually only at beginning)
  10. what is the pump that ameloblasts use for mineraliztion?
    • Na+/HCO3- same as kidney
    • pH dependednt
  11. What is amelotin?
    circadian gene allows ameloblasts to rest
  12. How does enamel compare to HA?
    it's tougher and softer
  13. Why do you need butt margins for enamel?
    • brittle
    • dont use cleaving rod boundaries
  14. What does the dental follicle form?
    cementum, PDL and alveolar bone
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