Global II Quiz 5

  1. leaching
    the washing away of nutrients from the soil
  2. monsoons
    seasonal winds that carry rain if they pass over the sea, and dry air if they pass over land (i.e. India)
  3. peninsula
    an area of land surrounded on three sides by water (i.e. Italy)
  4. plain
    an extensive area of flat or rolling treeless land
  5. plateau
    a broad land area with a usually level surface raised sharply above the land next to it on at least one side
  6. region
    a part of the globe with some common physical, political, cultural and/or economic features
  7. savanna
    a grassland in subtropical areas with drought-resistant undergrowth and few trees
  8. silt
    deposit of sand and mud along a river
  9. slash-andburn
    a method of clearing land so it is temporarily usable for farming; used in tropical areas
  10. smooth coastline
    a coastline that has few natural harbors (i.e. Africa)
  11. steppe
    flat, treeless plain with short grass found in southeastern Europe or Asia
  12. strait
    a narrow strip of water connecting two larger bodies of land (i.e. Bosporus, Gibraltar)
  13. talga
    a forested area in Russia nad other places near the Arctic
  14. topography
    the physical features of a region
  15. tributary
    the arms of a large river
  16. tropical
    having to do with the hot areas near the equator
  17. typhoon
    a tropical storm or cyclone found in the China Sea and Indian Ocean
  18. longitude
    imaginary lines running north and south aruond the globe measuring the distance east and west of the Prime Meridian
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