Vocab #6

  1. Anomalous
  2. Aspersion
    Damaging or derogatory statement
  3. Bizarre
    Extremely Strange
  4. Brusque
    Abrupt, blunt
  5. Cajole
    To coax, persuade through flattery
  6. Castigate
    To punish severely
  7. Contrive
    To plan with ingenuity, invent, think up, devise
  8. Disabuse
    To free from error, set- straight
  9. Demagogue
    A leader who exploits popular prejudices and false promises to gain power
  10. Ennui
    Weariness and dissatisfaction, boredom
  11. Fetter
    A chain or shackle placed on the feet

    Anything that restrains
  12. Heinous
    Very wicked, offensive
  13. Immutable
    Not subject to change
  14. Insurgent
    One who repels or rises against authority
  15. Magealomania
    Delusion by a feeling of power, wealth, talent
  16. Sinecure
    A position requiring little or no work; an easy job
  17. Surreptitios
    Stealthy, secret
  18. Trangress
    To go beyond a limit or boundry; to sin; violate a law
  19. Transmute
  20. Vicarious
    Performed by one person in place of another
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