Health Assessment

  1. What are the three layers of skin and what are their functions?
    • 1) Epidermis-2 Layers, Basal Cell and Horny Cell.
    • Basal produces new cells and holds keratin, melanin.
    • Horny: Outter layer. Sheds.
    • 2)Dermis: Connective, elastic, contains nerves/receptors, vascularized. Contains lymph tissue, ie hair, sweat, sebaceous glands.
    • 3) Subcutaneous-Contains fat and gives skin added mobility.
  2. What is the difference between eccrine and apocrine glands?
    Eccrine: Sweat gland which opens directly onto skin.

    Apocrine: Milky, pheromone substance which is secreted onto hair folicles. Mixes with bacterial flora to produce the pharamone "musk."
  3. What is ecchymosis?
    Bruising due to subcutaneous rupturing of blood vessels.
  4. What are ABCDE's of skin self exam?
    • Asymetrical? Should not be.
    • Borders? Clearly defined and round.
    • Color? Should be brown. Black is not good.
    • Diameter? Less than a cm.
    • Elevated/enlarged? Has it gotten bigger or changed shape?
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