WW8 16

  1. alleviate
    v. To relieve or make more bearable.
  2. antidote
    n. 1. A remedy that relieves the effects of a poison.

    2. Anything that offers relief from an undesirable condition.
  3. bedlam
    n. A very confused and noisy scene.
  4. cajole
    v. To urge with gentle and repeated requests; to coax.
  5. glib
    adj. Marked by an ease in speaking or writing that often shows lack of concern or sincerity.
  6. haggard
    adj. Having a tired look; worn out.
  7. immaculate
    adj. 1. Perfectly clean; spotless.

    2. Without a flaw; faultless.
  8. incessant
    adj. Going on without interruption; continual.
  9. indulgent

    adj. Inclined to give in easily; lenient.

    v. 1. To give in too easily to the wishes of.

    2. To yield to.
  10. loll
    v. 1. To sit back in a relaxed way; to sprawl.

    2. To hang loosely; to droop.
  11. pittance
    n. A very small amount, especially of money.
  12. Having a sharp taste or smell.
    adj. 1. Having a sharp taste or smell.

    2. Sharply critical; painfully direct.
  13. rue
    v. Sharply critical; painfully direct.
  14. strident
    adj. Harsh and grating; loud and shrill.
  15. vehement
    adj. Expressing strong feeling; intense.
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