Med office certification

  1. There is a tendency to write letters without unessential punctuation. Where all punctuation is omitted is called

    D. open unctuation
  2. An order for supplies or materials is called

    C. requisition
  3. If you need a record of deliver of no insured value, use

    A. certified mail
  4. Mail of monetary value to be guaranteed against lost or damage is

    B. registered mail
  5. An overnight telegram allows 100 words and the cost compared to a regular telegram is

    B. less expensive
  6. The abbreviation for preparing the patient for surgery by saving the skin is

    B. prep
  7. The abbreviation of emulsion is

    D. emul
  8. The abbreviation for fluid is

    D. fl or fld
  9. The abbreviation for hydrochloric acid is

    C. HDC
  10. The abbreviation for placebo is

    B. PLBO
  11. Violation or admision of a legal or moral duty is called

    D. breach of duty
  12. A deliberate physical attack upon a person is called

    D. battery
  13. That which in natural and continuous sequence, unbroken by any new independent cause, produces and event, and without which the injury would not have occured is called

    A. proximate cause
  14. A requirement under a health care policy dictates that the insured be responsible for a percentage of covered services. This is called

    A. coinsurance
  15. A type of insurance whereby the insured pays a specific amount per unit of service and the insurer pays the rest of the cost is called

    B. copayment
  16. A government health insurance for spouses and dependent children of veterans who are totally disabled or who have died in service-related activities is called

  17. Reasonable anticipated skin, eye, sucous membrane, or parenteral contact with blood, or other potentially infectious materials that may result from the performance of an employee's duties is called

    C. occupationaly exposure
  18. Contact with blood, or other body fluids to which universal precautions apply through percutaneous inoculation, or contact with an open wound, non-intact skin, or mucous membrane during the performance of "normal duties" this definition (found in the Federal Register) applies to

    C. human exposure
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