psych 2

  1. Logotherapy
    therapy of meaning
  2. 3 pillars of existence
    • 1) freewill
    • 2) will to meaning
    • 3) meaning of life
  3. (3 pillars of existence) Freewill
    we are not always free to choose the circumstances of our lives, We are always free to choose our attitudes
  4. (3 pillars of existence) Will to meaning
    human search for purpose and meaning is our most powerful motive
  5. (3 pillars of existence) Meaning of life
    • is unique to each individual
    • * only one can find it
  6. 3 modes by which meaning is generated
    • -creative
    • -experential
    • -attitudinal
  7. (3 modes by which meaning is generated) Creative
    what we give to the world

    * giving something to the world through self-expression
  8. (3 modes by which meaning is generated) Experential

    *receiving from the world, how we interact
  9. (3 modes by which meaning is generated) Attitudinal
    psychological stance toward the world

    *what attitudes we approach life, how we approach it
  10. Tragic triad
    • -guilt
    • -pain
    • -death
  11. Dimensional ontology of a man
    • -body= Soma
    • -mind= Psyche
    • -spirit= Noetic core
  12. Self actualize person
    a person that has reached its full potential
  13. Hierarchy of needs
    • top: Self actualize
    • esteem
    • love/belonging
    • safety
    • physiological
  14. Peak experiences
    an intense mystical experience often characteristic of self actualize people but not limted to them
  15. Metamotivation
    the motives of self actualize people

    • *includes Bvalues
    • * motivation of self acutalize people
  16. B-Values
    values of self actualizing people, including beauty, truth, goodness, justice, wholeness, and the like

    -ultimate level of needs
  17. B-Love
    love between self-actualizing people and characterized by the love for the being of the other
  18. Mutual engagement
    • 100 percent focused on the other
    • *men capable but not occasionally
  19. Mutual empathy
    one feels and thinks as the other
  20. Mutual Empowerment
    by using my power over another to fasciliatate the growth of the other, it also leads to the growth of the relationship and my personal growth
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