1. big three
    paramount, MGM, and first national
  2. the range of distances in between the camera lens and infinity that are in focus
    depth of field
  3. the rating of light sensativity of a particular film stock
  4. the rating of a lens' ability or power to bend light
    focal length
  5. the illusion of thre dimiensions created on a two dimensional surface
  6. light sensitive surface in the video camera
    Charged coupling device
  7. the way elements in a composition lead the eyes along and force them to scan the composition for information is called
  8. low contrast lighting, equal distribution of light across the image is
    high key lighting
  9. the standard number of frames of film that pass through the aperature of both the film camera and the projector is
    24 fps
  10. the ability to become emotionally involved in a film although you are aware that you are watching fiction is
    suspension of disbelief
  11. the f-stop refers to what part of the lens
  12. the lens, which bends and maximizes perspective, increases apparent distance, and decreases apparent size is the
    wide angle lens
  13. aspect ration for standard definition television
  14. lens of choice for a close up
  15. the philosophy which deals with questions of beauty and artistic taste
  16. f-stop numbers
    1, 1.4, 2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16, 22, 32
  17. another term for shutter speed
    exposure time
  18. f stop=
    focal lenght/iris diameter
  19. HD has how many lines of resolution
  20. the smaller the f stop
    the larger the iris, smaller the depth of field
  21. interlaced scanning
    recording video where rows of pixels are divided into 2 fields: first odd numbered rows are scanned then even numbered rows
  22. progressive scanning
    all rows and lines of pixels are scanned in order from top to bottom, superior to interlace
  23. film stock is made up of
    four layers: emulsion, celluloid acetate, subbing layer, and and halation backing
  24. standard shutter degrees and time
    180 degrees, 1/48 of a second
  25. anti-trust suit, motion pictures were an illegal monopoly
    US vs. Paramount
  26. all had to have code seal, nothing obscene, film not protected by first amendment
    Production Code (1952)
  27. DVD lines of resolution
  28. committee for the first amendment
    created by studio heads demanding first amendment rights dont apply to communists
  29. the multi-conglomerates are:
    time warner, vivendi, news corporation, disney, viacom, at&t, and general electic
  30. blockbuster
    brings in $100 million at box office
  31. P&A
    Prints and Advertising, publicity, word of mouth, last step to distribution
  32. when the box office passes the cost for running the theater, determines how much goes to distibutor
    above the nut
  33. determined by the frequency of the sounds, refers to the relative highness or lowness of sound, measured by frequency or vibrations per second
  34. describes the tone quality or tone color of sound. differentiates between instruments
  35. how fast a sound reaches a certain level of loudness and then how quickly it softens
    attack-decay, sound envelope
  36. first television networks were owned by radio networks:
  37. the miracle vs. new york
    overturns Mutual vs. Ohio and places cinema under protection of first amendment
  38. Robert Murdock
    by purchasing 100s of independent local networks and consolidating them, he created Fox (a fourth network)
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