1. vaginitis
    inflmmation in the vagina
  2. pid-pelvic inflammatory disease
    inflammation of the any organs in the pelvic area
  3. urethritis
    inflammation of the urethra
  4. chlamydia
    #1 common STD, bacterial (can be cureD) burning swelling discharge
  5. gonorrhea
    same as chlamydia, more asily passed, can get it orally
  6. why is it more susceptible in women?
    because we have a mucus membrane
  7. herpes
    viral, once you have them, you cna't get rid of them; lifetime, oral and genetal, can cause cervical cancer, on the skin, condom not as affective
  8. HPV-human papillomavirus (genital warts)
    more susceptible, can cause cervical cancer
  9. trichomoniasis
    paracite; little bugs, make sure it's clean
  10. scabies
    mites, can be transfered by itching, get underneath skin, medical cream can kill
  11. hepititis
    inflammation of the liver, not curable, mutated, transfers through blood body fluids
  12. syphilis: 1st stage
    Primary-chancre, sore of genetials
  13. syphiilis: 2nd stage
    Secondary-flu and/or rash
  14. syphilis: 3rd stage
    latenet-no symptoms
  15. syphilis: 4th stage
    neurosyphitis-affects brain, nervous system, can kill you
  16. Curable, bacteria
    HIV-Human Immunodefeciency Virus: mom's body can help protect body against HIV, AID-Acquired Immunodefeciency Syndrome: white cell count
  17. Highest concetration
    1) blood 2) semen 3) vaginal fluid 4) breast milk
  18. riskiest
    sharing needles, anal sex, vaginal
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