1. abstain
    no intercourse: 100% reliability
  2. withdrawal
    pulling out before ejaculation: 81% reliability
  3. condom
    latex sheath that fits over penis, latex-sheepskin, non oxynol 9-spermicid and help fight stds: 82.6% reliability
  4. female condom
    little bag inserted in vagina, not as secure: 73% reliability
  5. spermicides-foams and suppositories
    chemical that kills sperm and dissolves in vagina, can cause burn: 71% reliability
  6. pill
    disables hormones that allow you to get pregnant: 92.3% reliablity
  7. diaphragm
    spongy thing inserted in uterus, fits over cervix: 84% reliablity
  8. the patch-ortho evra
    releases hormones: 92% reliablity
  9. norplant-implant
    insert underneath arms, statys for about 3 months, uncomfortable, cod releases hormones: 99% reliability
  10. depo provera-injection
    1 every 3 months get shot, don't ovulate: 92.3% reliablity
  11. steritliy (infertility)
    something wrong in uterus, sperm etc that disables zygote to inbed: N/A reliability
  12. vasectomy
    cutting of the vas deferens: 99.8% reliability
  13. tubal ligation
    cutting of the fallopian tube: 99.3% reliability
  14. abortion
    taking the baby before it is born
  15. natural family planning
    choosing certain dates based on ovulation: 75% reliability
  16. essure
    in through uterus and block off fallopian tube (similar to tubaligation but no cut): N/A reliability b/c too new
  17. IUD interuterine device: Cervical cap
    like diaphragm (over the counter): 84% reliability if haven't had baby, 68% reliability if had baby
  18. IUD interuterine device: sponge
    similar to cervical cap: 84% reliability
  19. IUD interuterine device: mirena
    closes off cervix: 99% reliability
  20. IUD interuterine device: nuva ring
    ring covers cervix: 99% reliability
  21. circumcision
    peeling of penis skin as a baby
  22. lactating
    breast feeding, production of milk
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