physical development- preschool

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  1. typically lose baby fat, slimmer and body lengthens
    physical size/shape
  2. brain & head fastes growing in the body; 75% of adult size by age 3, 90% by age 5
    brain maturation
  3. 2-3 years; draw on a page in placement patterns
    Kellogg's placement stage of drawing
  4. 3 years; drawings consist of diagrams in different shapes, circles, squares, retangles, triangles
    Kellogg's shape stage of drawing
  5. 4-5 years; draw objects adults can recognize
    Kellogg's pictorial stage of drawing
  6. decrease in eating and slower growth rate
    nutrition & eating habits
  7. 3-4 years; drawing in which young children mix basic shapes into more complex designs
    Kellogg's design astage of drawing
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