history chapter 8

  1. large organizations responsible for education national defence or transportation
  2. narrow responsibilities for a specific policy issue
    independent agencies
  3. not under the contril of the president or a department
    independent regulatory commission
  4. focused policy mission
    run by a body of officials
  5. government corporations
    are fun like private corporations
  6. Fed handle specific functions
    • postal system
    • congress believes they wouldnt be handled effectivley by private buisness due to the scope and profitablity
  7. title of secretary
    presidents cabniet consist of the heads of the executive deoartment
  8. attorney general
    head of the department of justice
  9. cabinet
    • grown to include 15 departments as
    • well as administrators of three agencies within the executive office of the
    • president.
  10. Bureaucracy are created and evolve as ....
    • ·
    • a mean to undertake the purposes and
    • responsibilities of organizations.
  11. Ideal burracucay
  12. competent personnel, job responsibilities under central authority, and detailed
  13. Standardization
    • centralized administration, common set of rules,
    • benefits, and services
  14. Expertise:
    people develop expertise
  15. Accountability:
    congress can authorize a specific budget
  16. Coodination
  17. hierarchy enables the leaders in each agency to
    direct subordinate to work.
  18. Spoils
    • A century ago government employees were hired and fired on the basis of their
    • support for particular political parties and candidates for elective office
  19. Political
    parties rewarded their supports by
    • giving
    • them government jobs
  20. spoils system gave who jobs....
    • gave
    • unqualified people government jobs despite lacking knowledge and interest to
    • carry out their tast properly
  21. Officials
    spent too much time doing ...
    • things
    • that would help keep their party in power and themselves in their jobs.
  22. Pendleton
    creating the first federal civil service system
  23. Iron
    • three entites sharing joint interests concerning specific policy goals
    • 1.
    • Interest groups

    • 2.
    • Members in congress

    • 3.
    • Bureaucracy leaders
  24. Issue networks/ policy communities
    • involve large numbers of interested parties each with substantial expertise in the
    • policy area.
  25. during nations first century
    • the
    • federal government was involved in only a limited range of policy areas.
  26. policy matters
    • ·
    • They focused on policy matters related to
    • specific powers granted by the constitution to congress and the president
  27. the four departments
    • department of state,
    • war,
    • justice,
    • treasury.
  28. nations most important indestry in the 19 century
    • department
    • of agriculture
  29. Industrialization,
    urbanization, and immigration
    • resulted in people moving to the cities to
    • work in factories and service occupations.
  30. the
    20th century, congress created the .....
    • department
    • of commerce and the department of labor to address these emerging issues.
  31. Roosevelt
    • federal
    • govermnet had to take an active role in the economy in order to overcome the
    • depression so he developed the New Deal.
  32. social
    • provide
    • income for senior citizens and dependents for deceased workers.
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