Skin Lesions

  1. Bulla: (Large Blister)
    Same as a vesicle only greater than 10 mm

    Contact dermatitis, large second degree burns, bulbous impetigo, pemphigus
  2. Macule:
    Localized changes in skin color of less than 1 cm in diameter

  3. Nodules:
    Solid and elevated; however, they extend deeper than papules into the dermis or subcutaneous tissues, greater than 10 mm

    Lipoma, erythema, cyst, wart
  4. Papule:
    Solid, elevated lesion less than 1 cm in diameter

    Elevated nevi
  5. Pustule:
    Vesicles or bullae that become filled with pus, usually described as less than 0.5 cm in diameter

    Acne, impetigo, furuncles, carbuncles
  6. Ulcer:
    A depressed lesion of the epidermis and uper papillary layer of the dermis

    Stage 2 pressure ulcer
  7. Tumor:
    The same as a nodule only greater than 2 cm

    Benign epidermal tumor basal cell carcinoma
  8. Vesicle: (Small blister)
    Accumulation of fluid between the upper layers of the skin; elevated mass containing serous fluid; less than 10 mm

    Herpes simplex, herpes zoster, chickenpox
  9. Urticaria, Hives:
    Localized edema in the epidermis causing irregular elevation that may be red or pale, may be itchy

    Insect bite, wheal
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