Labor & Birth Processes

  1. What are the five factors or "P's" of labor and birth
    Passenger (fetus/placenta), Passageway (Birth Canal), Powers (contractions), position of the mother, psyche (psychological responses)
  2. What are fontanels?
    Membrane filled spaces that are located where the membranous sutures that unite the bones in the fetal/neonatal skull intersect.
  3. What is Molding
    Slight overlapping of the bones of the fetal skull that occurs during childbirth; it permits the skull to adapt to the various pelvic diameters
  4. _________________ = Part of the fetus that enters the pelvic inlet first.
    The three main types are:
    Presentation; cephalic, breech, shoulder
  5. What is the Presenting Part? The three types are?
    Part of the fetal body felt first by the examining finger during vaginal examination.

    Occiput, sacrum, scapula
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