Psych 32 Chapter 12

  1. These types of adults find it easy to get close to others, are not overly concerned with or stressed out with romantic relationships and are less likely to have a one-night stand
    Secure attachment style
  2. These types of adults are avoidant, hesitant about getting involved in romantic relationships and once in a relationship tend to distance themselves from their partner
    Avoidant Attachment style
  3. These types of adults demand closeness, are less trusting and are more emotional, jealous and possessive
    Anxious Attachment style
  4. The sixth developmental stage in Erickson's theory
    Intamacy vs Isolation
  5. Strong components of sexuality and infatuation coupled by passionate love
    Romantic Love
  6. Also known as compassionate love, is the type of love that occurs when someone desires to have the other person near and has deep, caring affection for that person
    Affectionate Love
  7. Sternberg's theory which involves all three dimensions of love including passion, intimacy and commitment.
    Consumate Love
  8. A relationshop marked only by passion
  9. A relationship marked by intamacy and commitment lacking passion
    Affectionate Love
  10. A relationship marked by the presence of passion and commitment but lack intamacy
    Fatuous Love
  11. Living together in a sexual relationship without being married
  12. 5 Factors that can determine if a marriage can work
    • 1. Establishing love maps
    • 2. Nuturing fondness and admiration
    • 3. Turning towards each other instead of away
    • 4. Letting your partner influence you
    • 5. Creating shared meaning
  13. the language of conversation; it is a way of establishing connections and negotiating relationships
    Rapport talk
  14. Designed to give information, which includes public speaking
    Report talk
  15. What are 3 differences found in a woman's friendship in comparison to men
    • Women have
    • 1. More Close friends and
    • 2. More Self-disclosure
    • 3. Exchange of Mutual Support
  16. What is the most important component of Romantic Love
    Sexual Desire
  17. Another term for passionate love or eros
    Romantic Love
  18. Often predominates in the early part of a Love relationship
    Romantic Love
  19. Another term for compassionate Love
    Affectionate Love
  20. Physical and Sexual attraction to another
  21. relates to the emotional feelings of warmth, closeness, and sharing in a relationship
  22. the cognitive appraisal of the relationship and the intent to maintain the relationship
  23. What percentage of women will marry at some point in their lives
  24. What is the average duration of marriage
    9 years
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