1. what is the overall purpose for "association areas" of motor, sensory, vision, hearing?
    to bring all "information" together and integrate it into conscious thoughts which can be expressed as speech.
  2. How do thoughts form?
    result from multiple activations of multiple areas of the brain that come together and form engrams (once established, you have a thought)
  3. what are the different levels of memory?
    • short term
    • long term
    • tertiary (life long)
  4. what can happen to info just entered into short term memory if you are distracted or allow more information in?
    you will forget that info unless it has been committed to a longer term memory (if that info is used often)
  5. what neurotransmitter in the hippocampus is responsible for long term potentiation?
    • glutamate
    • (brain activity stays active for longer period of time and allows for establishment of engram)
  6. how is memory established/?
    • must consolidate thoughts
    • - w/ repetition, you repeat the engram which continually facilitates the connecting pathway and allows for a fast re-establishment of that engram later
    • - translate thoughts into language which helps retention
    • - translate thoughts into symbols (drawings/pneumoic devices)
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