Intro to Law and Legal - terms for 3 & 4

  1. The concept that justifies criminal laws for the benefit of the public
    police power
  2. The rule of law as applied to the facts of the
    rule of ftle case
  3. The law of the place where an action was
    lex fori delicti
  4. Constitutional provision located in Article I,
    Section 8
    necessary and proper clause
  5. The problem presented whenever a legal
    controversy arises in which there is a foreign
    conflict of laws
  6. Environmental Protection Agency, is an example of an:
    administrative agency
  7. Constitutional provision located in Article VI
    supremacy clause
  8. The practice by which one court follows the
    decision of another court on a similar
    question, though not bound by the law of
    precedents to do so
    stare decisis
  9. Law that derives its force and authority from
    judicial decisions, not from any express staffite
    common law
  10. A law that makes acts criminal that were not
    criminal when they were committed
    ex post facto law
  11. A judicial statement, concerning a point of law, that is not necessary for the decision of the case in which it is stated
  12. Laws that impose punishment for offenses
    committed against the state
    penal statutes
  13. The law of the place where the tort was
    lex loci delicti commissi
  14. The provision in Article IV of the federal .
    Constitution whereby one state's laws are
    made effective in other states
    full faith and credit
  15. Those points of law decided by a court to
    resolve a legal controversy
    holding of the case
  16. Requires a federal court to apply the
    statutes and precedents of the state in
    which it sits
    Erie doctrine
  17. A trial court that has limited jurisdiction
    as to subject matter and territory
    inferior court
  18. Hears and decides controversies by
    determining facts and applying the
    appropriate laws
    trial court
  19. Jurisdiction over property
    in rem jurisdiction
  20. The location in which judicial authority
    is exercised
  21. Reviews the proceedings of a lower
    court to ascertain whether it acted in
    accordance with the law
    appellate court
  22. Jurisdiction over a person
    in personam jurisdiction
  23. Determination of issues by a judge as a
    matter of law where no factual disputes
    summary judgment
  24. The power or authority of a court to
    determine the merits of a dispute and to
    grant relief
  25. An exception to the general rule that a
    court with jurisdiction has both the right
    and the duty to exercise it
    forum non conveniens
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