Questions 51-54

  1. List the points to be considered when locating subjects at the end of a criminal trail.
    Read your dog

    Control your dog

    Control the subjects

    Check for additional subject and trails
  2. List the four issues that are crucial in establishing a proper foundation for admission of track and trailing dog evidence.
    The dog handler’s qualifications.

    The dog’s reliability (as demonstrated by his training records and his breed to some extent).

    The circumstances surrounding the trail, namely the “type” of trail the dog pursued (“fresh” trail or a stale trail).

    In some cases, corroboration of the trailing evidence.
  3. Situation - Runs down the trail for about ten feet before putting his head down.
    PC – Too many long straight tracks.

    CM – More conflict short tracks or immediate turns off the scent pad.
  4. Situation - Dog carries head high in tall grass
    PC – Rafts and scent are sitting on top of the grass, therefore it is natural for the dog.

    CM – no corrective measure needed.
  5. Situation - Dog runs over the scent pad without sniffing.
    PC – Dog is moving too fast / lack of control

    CM– Enforce a controlled start with a ritual.
  6. Situation - Dog follows established path not the trail.
    PC – Dog is sign-cutting or going visual.

    CM – Lay a conflict trail on established path or lay trails where dog can not sign-cut.
  7. Situation - Dog works up to ten feet on the downwind side of trail.
    PC – Dog is trailing.

    CM – Use line communication and voice tones to get dog back on trail.
  8. Situation - Canine breaks down before starting the trail.
  9. Situation – Canine holds head high in tall grass.
  10. Situation – Canine breaks off to eat.
  11. Situation – Canine blows by turns.
  12. Situation – Canine has difficulty on tracks over one hour old.
  13. Situation – Canine has difficulty with hard surfaces.
  14. Situation – Canine breaks off to look behind brush.
  15. Situation – Canine runs over start without sniffing pad.
  16. Situation – Canine is following foot prints with head up.
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Questions 51-54
Questions 51-54