Unit 6

  1. What happens in the first month of fetal development?
    By the end of the 1st month the embryo is about 1/10 of an inch long. The heart is no larger than a poppy seed and has begun beating.
  2. Which month of fetal development is the embryo 1 inch long, has slightly webbed fingers, veins are clearly visible and the heart has divded into right and left chambers?
    Second month
  3. What happnes in the 3rd month of fetal development
    Fetus is 2 1/2 to 3 inches long, is fully formed. Has begun swallowing and kicking. All organs and muscles have formed and are beginning to function.
  4. what happens in the fourth month of fetal development
    baby is covered in a layer of thick downy hair called lanugo, heartbeat can be heard clearly. feel the baby's first kick
  5. Which month of fetal development is there a protective coating called a vernix caseosa forming on the baby's skin, the baby will be 8 inches long and weigh almost a pound
    Five months
  6. What happens in the sixth month of fetal development
    eyebrows and eyelids are visible. The baby's lungs are filled with amniotic fluid, and the baby has started breathing. He can hear you talk and sing
  7. what happens in the seventh month of fetal development
    baby weighs about 3 1/2 lbs and is about 12 inches long. body is well-formed, fingernails cover fingertips
  8. Which month of fetal development is the baby gaining about half a pound per week and layers of fat are piling on. Baby has turned head-down for birth and weighs b/t 4 and 6 lbs
    Eight months
  9. what happens in fetal development at nine months
    baby is 6-9 lbs and is b/t 19-22 inches, may move around less as he becomes more crowded.
  10. How much amniotic fluid is present at term
    800-1200 mL
  11. When is the baby's sex recognizable?
    12 weeks
  12. when do the nose and ears ossify
    20 weeks
  13. What happens by the end of the first trimester (13 weeks)
    Every organ has begun to form including genitalia
  14. When do the primary lung and urethral buds appear
    At 6 weeks
  15. When do the vernix caseosa and lanugo appear.
    20 weeks
  16. When does the heart begin to pump blood
    by the 3rd week
  17. when can the heart beat be heard with ultrasound
    by the 8th week
  18. What does the placenta do?
    It produces hormones essential to maintain the pregnancy, supplies the O2 and nutrients needed by the developing baby for survival and growth and removes wastes and CO2.
  19. What is an embryo
    the term that refers to the developing baby from day 15 until 8 weeks after conception
  20. what is the term fetus?
    refers to the developing baby from 9 weeks gestation to the end of the pregnancy.
  21. What are dizygotic twins
    Faternal twins, twins that are formed from 2 zygotes
  22. what are monozygotic twins
    identical twins, formed from one fertilized ovum that then divide.
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