GCSE History

  1. why did prohibition fail
    • there were not enough officials to enforce it
    • the widespread corruption of public officials and police
  2. prohibition never worked . in 1925 , despite ban ........ million gallons of spirits , ....... million gallons of malt liquor and ......... million galons of wine were consumed in the USA
    • 200
    • 685
    • 118
  3. by 1927 drunk driving offences had risen by ......% and deaths from alcoholism by .......% on the 1920's
    • 467
    • 600
  4. The US border is ......km long and the US population was over ........ million . there were however only ...... prohibition agents
    • 30,000
    • 120
    • 4,000
  5. two famous prohibition agents were :
    Izzy Einstein and Moe Smith . They were successful in closing down hundreds of speakeasies because Izzy was a master of disguise , dressing up in order to gain admitance to the speakeasy
  6. gangsters were able to ...... policemen , politicians and prohibition agents so it was impossible to enforce prohibition
  7. like other gangsters Al Capone had many politicians , judges and policemen on his payroll, including the mayor of ..... , .... ... ...... . he made no secret of this , and Capone was openly greeted in public by politicians . on one occasion he even kicked the mayor of chicagp down the steps of the hall . The gangsters also bribed , threatened and killed ...... and ..... members to prevent convictions . between 1927 and 1931 there were ...... gang murders and not one conviction
    • chicago
    • big bill thompson
    • lawyers
    • jury members
    • 227
  8. By the late 1920's , there was growing opposition to gangsterism and prohibition . the death of nearly ....... civilans (mainly gangsters) and ...... prohibition agents led to demands to end prohibition
    • 2,000
    • 500
  9. the ..... .... ... (later called the FBI - ..... ..... ..... .....) developed more effective ways of dealing with organised crime , such as ....... their ...... .... the .....
    • bureau of investigation
    • federal bureau of investigation
    • placing their agents in gangs
  10. the FBI tried to convict Al Capone of murder but could not get enough evidence , so instead he was
    charged with tax evasion , on the grounds that he was obviously earning huge amounts of money , but he was paying no tax on it
  11. in ..... al capone was sentenced ....... years imprisonment for tax evasion
    • 1931
    • 11
  12. in december ........ prhibition was officially ended with President Roosevelt saying "------------" . the American constitution was changed once again , this time to allow the drinking of alcohol with the .....
    • 1933
    • lets all go out and have a drink
    • 21st
  13. define prohibition
    the ban of the drinking , sale and manufacture of alcohol in the USA
  14. define temperance
    abstinence from an alcoholuc drink
  15. define Women's christian temperance union
    a rural religious group of women who campaigned for prohibition to become law
  16. define saloon
    a place where alcoholic drinks may be bought and drank
  17. define anti-saloon league
    a group against alcohol who , who wanted prohibition to become law
  18. what did the anti-saloon league claim the effects of prohibition were
    they campaigned that drink hurt families because men wasted their wages on beer that ruined their health and lost them their jobs and led to domestic violence and neglect
  19. define volstead act
    the law that introduced prohibition into the USA in January 1920
  20. define the 18th ammendment
    the 18th change in the american constitution that took away the right for people to sell , manufacture or drink alcohol
  21. define liqour
    alcoholic drink
  22. brewery
    a place where beer is made comercially
  23. distillery
    a place where liqour is manufactured
  24. speakeasy
    secret illegal saloon that opened up in cellars and backrooms , they sold bootleg alcohol
  25. bootleg
    smuggled alcohol often from mexico and canada
  26. moonshine
    illegally made spirit often made in home made stills
  27. st. valentine's day massacre
    the most horrific example of intergang violence . in 1929 , Al Capone killed 7 members of their rival gang "the bugs moron gang" in Chicago
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