Ramont Ch. 29 Vocab

  1. medication
    substance administered to cure, treat, relieve, or prevent disease; a drug
  2. prescription
    written direction for the preparation and administration of a drug
  3. generic
    family name of a drug
  4. therapeutic effect
    desired effect; reason the drug is prescribed
  5. side effects
    unintended drug action
  6. adverse effects
    severe side effects or drug reactions
  7. drug toxicity
    the effect from an overdosage or from ingestion of a drug intended for external use
  8. cumulative effect
    buildup of a drug in the blood because of impaired metabolism or excretion
  9. drug allergy
    reaction to the immune system because of a drug
  10. drug tolerance
    when a person requires a higher dosage in order to recieve the same theraputic effect.
  11. idiosyncratic effect
    unexpected bodily response that causes abnormal effects in a patient.
  12. drug interaction
    Problems that occur when two drugs interfere with eachothers purpose and effect.
  13. iatrogenic disease
    disease caused unintentionally by medical therapy
  14. half-life
    the time it takes for the body to reduce the concentration by one half
  15. absorption
    when the drug passes into the blood stream
  16. stat order
    medication give immediately on only once.
  17. standing (routine) order
    medication that can or may be given indefinitely.
  18. prn order
    "as-needed order"
  19. metric system
    decimal system based on units of ten
  20. apothecaries system
    system of measurements that predates the metric system
  21. household system
    measures commonly used in the home, including drops, teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, and glasses
  22. nomogram
    method of calculating a medication dose for a child using their height and weight.
  23. syringes
    equipment used to administer parenteral medications
  24. hub
    part of the needle that fits onto the syringe
  25. cannula
    shaft part of a needle, which is attached to the hub
  26. bevel
    the slanted part of the tip of a needle
  27. Sublingual
    administration of a medication under the tongue
  28. buccal
    pertaining to the cheek; in medication administration, it means next to the mucous membranes of the cheek
  29. parenteral
    injectable medications
  30. intradermal
    injection into the dermis or skin
  31. subcutaneous
    below the skin
  32. intramuscular
    injection into the muscle
  33. intravenous
    injection into the vein
  34. ampule
    clear glass container designed to hold a single dose of a drug
  35. vial
    small glass bottle with a sealed rubber cap; contains medication
  36. ophthalmics
    preparations for the eye
  37. otics
    preparations for the eye
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