Scapula Movements & Neck movements (Muscles)

  1. Middle Trapezius does what scapula movent?
    Adduction or retraction
  2. Scapula Adduction (retraction) muscles?
    Primary: Middle Trapezius & Rhomboid

    Assistors:Lower trapezius
  3. Lower Trapezius does what scapula movements?
    Depression and UPWARD rotation
  4. Name the muscle that is responsible for depression and upward rotation of the scapula
    Primiary: Lower trap

    Assistors: Middle trap & Latissimus dorsi
  5. Rhomboid is responsible what type of scapula movement?
    Adduction (retraction) & Downward rotation
  6. Name the muscle that does DOWNWARD rotation and ADDUCTION
    Primiary Mover: Rhomboids

    Assistors: Middle trapezius (retraction)
  7. Upper Traps does what movements
  8. Name the muscle that is responsible for Elevation
    • Primary: UpperTrap, Levator scapula
    • Assistors: Rhomboid Major & minor
  9. Name the muscle that does Scapula Upward and ABDUCTION
    Serratous Anterior
  10. Serratous Anterior does what type of scapula movement?
    Upward rotation and abduction
  11. Name the muscle that is responsible for Neck-Lateral Flexion
    • Primary: Scalenes (same side)
    • SCM (same side)

    Assitors: Lower cervical
  12. Same side as the SCM & Scalnes does what movement?
    Lateral Flexion
  13. Name the Primary movers & Assistors of the neck flexion
    Primary: SCM & Scalenes

    • Assistors: Longis coli
    • Longus capitis
  14. Name the primary movers and assistors for Neck Hyperextension?
    • Primary: Spenius Capitis
    • Splenius cervics
    • Spinalis capitis and Spinalis cervics

    • Assistors: Rectus Capitis
    • Posterior
    • Levator Scaulae
    • Multidus
    • Upper trapezius
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Scapula Movements & Neck movements (Muscles)
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