Ramont Ch. 10 Vocab

  1. admission
    process a client undergoes when entering a hospital for treatment
  2. coping behaviors
    behaviors by people in times of crisis or stress, in an attempt to deal with their feelings
  3. dehumanization
    process in which unique human qualities are ignored (as in hospitalized clients having to surrender their belongings, privacy, and independence)
  4. orientation
    introduction of clients to the people and facility into which they have been admitted; awareness of place and time and family members; program or time period provided for newly hired individuals to prepare them for their position
  5. Transfer
    move to another unit or to a different facility as a result of a client or physician request
  6. discharge
    official procedure by which a client leaves a healthcare facility and returns home or to another setting
  7. against medical advice
    situation in which a client leaves the hospital or healthcare facility without the written permission of a physician
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Ramont Ch. 10 Vocab
Ramont Ch. 10 Vocab