Hardware and Software Concepts CPA BEC 2

  1. Direct Conversion
    An approach to converting from one system to another in which the old system is discontinued after which the new system is started (burning the bridges or crash conversion)
  2. Embedded Audit Module
    Special portions of application programs that track items of interest to auditors, such as any unauthorized attempts to access the data files
  3. Facilities Management Organization
    Manages an organizations in-house data processing facilities under the user's guidelines
  4. Hardware Controls
    Controls built into the computer by the manufacturer to detect computer failure, including duplicate circuitry, echo checks, and dual reading
  5. Indexed Sequential Access Method (ISAM)
    A file organization and access approach in which records are stored in sequential order by their primary key on a direct access storage device, with an index file
  6. Integrated Test Facility (ITF)
    A testing technique in which a dummy computer or division is introduced into the company's computer system, and test transactions are conducted from it.
  7. Langauge Processor
    A type of conversion progem that converts source program into instruction codes that the CPU can execute.
  8. Macro
    A series of keystrokes or commands that can be given a name, stored, and activated each time the keystrokes must be repeated.
  9. Multiprogramming
    A technique used to enable an operating system to handle two or more independent programs by overlapping their execution
  10. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    The use of light-sensitive hardware devices to convert characters readable by humans into computer input.
  11. Parallel Conversion
    A systems conversion approach in which the new and old systems are run simultaneously until the orgnaization is assured the new system is functioning correctly
  12. Usenet Groups
    Public electronic discussion groups in which anyone on the internet can participate
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Hardware and Software Concepts CPA BEC 2
Hardware and Software Concepts CPA BEC 2