Hardware and Software Concepts CPA BEC

  1. Access Time
    Access Time
  2. ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange
    Provides a standard representation for English characters, with each letter assigned a number from 0 to 127. These codes enable data to be exchanged from one computer to another
  3. Assembly Language
    A programming language in which each machine language instruction is represented by mnemonic characters
  4. Bulletin Board System
    A computer system that functions as a centralized info source and message switching system for a particular interest group.
  5. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
    The hardware that contains the circuits that control the interpretation and execution of instructions and that serves as the principal data processing device
  6. Checkpoint
    Any one of a series of points during a long processing run at which an exact copy of all data values and status indicators of a program are captures, also backs up data.
  7. Compiler
    A computer program that converts a source program into an object program.
  8. Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
    A manufacturing approach in which much of the manufacturing process is performed and monitored by computerized equipment.
  9. Cooperative processing
    A system that permits the computers in a distributed proceiing network to share the use of another end user's application program.
  10. Data buffer
    A temporary storage area, usually in RAM, that holds data before or after being processed by the microprocessor.
  11. Database Management System (DBMS)
    A complex software package that permits users to access info from the database. Does no actually run application programs.
  12. Decision Table
    A table that indicates the alternative logic conditions and actions to be taken in a program.
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Hardware and Software Concepts CPA BEC
Hardware and Software Concepts